Parliament has proposed to ban the cold: "impose a moratorium on the arrival of the winter"


With a proposal by MP Viktor Pinzenik

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The Ukrainian parliament could consider a proposal to "ban the winter". For a joke like this, the deputy of Verkhovna Rada Viktor Pinzenyk, member of the budget committee of the Ukrainian parliament, made a joke for the joke. According to the MP, this is an excellent alternative to the moratorium on rising gas prices.


As stated in the publication published on Facebook by the People's Deputy, the authorities should stop deceiving the public on the issue of freezing gas prices. The deputy advised the authors of the legislative initiative a moratorium on tariff increases to think about how to prohibit the start of the winter.

"I want to make my contribution to the" moratorium. "Perhaps, instead of a moratorium on increases in gas prices, is it better to ban winter (impose a moratorium on the arrival of the winter)?", The politician writes. In this case, the question of freezing the tariffs will no longer be relevant, since "there will be no need for gas", explained Pinzenik.

The parliamentarian explains the nonsense of the moratorium proposed by the fact that the suppliers of "blue fuel" will continue to supply it at fixed prices, and no legislative initiative will influence it.

"Do we expect the troubled gas suppliers from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary or other countries to start lowering prices immediately, satisfying Ukrainian politicians? It will take a long time to wait and they will continue to supply fuel to them. prices first ", explained the deputy of the people.

According to his opinion, the authorities make the next promises deliberately dissatisfied with the citizens, discussing the idea with the freezing of gas prices, but in reality nothing will change.

"Such compatriots' decisions can continue to be fueled by bicycles because of the low gas prices they will have to pay because the invisible second part of the cost of gas, which is still paid by our citizens, can not all understand or realize", said the deputy.



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