Entertainment Pascal Praud attacks teachers on May 11 (and things...

Pascal Praud attacks teachers on May 11 (and things go wrong)

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On CNews, Pascal Praud has split from a projection in which he attacks professors worried about the conditions in which the school year will take place on May 11th.

TEACHING – “I’m not going to make friends by saying that, but at one point the teachers have to go!” This Thursday, April 16, Pascal Praud showed that despite the containment put in place against the coronavirus, he was not short-time working.

Teachers worried about resuming May 11 when the coronavirus epidemic may not be over in a debate on CNews “The Hour of the Pros” on CNews actually signaled by an outraged projection of which he has the secret.

“I am struck by the number of people who are freaked out, who have a blue fear, who are in a state of very great anguish”, began the journalist, surprised that so many professions are worried about the conditions under which they will carry out the gradual takeover announced by the Head of State.

“It’s the public service!”

And Pascal Praud to launch into a rant: “When I hear the teachers – who will not help Emmanuel Macron on May 11 eh, because the teachers will not help him – say that they will not return because the security, because sanitary, because this etc. There will always be good reasons not to come back! ”

He continues: “So I’m not going to make friends by saying that, but at one point, overall the teachers, you have to go! You have to go on May 11. But I’m telling you they won’t help him! ” Not stopping on the right path, Pascal Praud then outraged the postal workers who were arrested during the epidemic, visibly deploring the fact that the public service was not fulfilling its duty. “Pardon me for saying it like this: it’s the public service!”

Completing his arguments, he finally explains that the liberal professions, they, “physiotherapists, doctors, lawyers” cannot work because of confinement when they would like. “For them there is no teleworking, and they want to go! Must say! ”

The stupidity that “always insists”

An outing that has not gone unnoticed, on the contrary. On social networks, including Twitter, the name of the journalist from RTL and CNews quickly rose to the top of the topics most discussed on Thursday.

And a number of internet users, teachers, elected officials and anonymous people deplored this protrusion, calling it “anti-functional demagogy”, evoking “stupidity that still insists” and mirroring the words of a man in sheltered from a camera and far from the terrain where the covid-19 is rampant.

Apparently aware of the negative enthusiasm aroused by his words, Pascal Praud, he stood by what he had said, sharing the tweets of a teacher evoking the “social role” of the teaching staff at the time of post-epidemic recovery.

See also on the HuffPost: Pascal Praud no longer thinks that Gabriel Matzneff is a “wonderful writer”


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