Pashtin left Lokomotiv-Kuban coach after slapping in Hamburg

The unexpected result was recorded in the European Cup, where Krasnodar’s Lokomotiv-Kuban (5/2) landed on the outsider Hamburg’s Towers (2/5) – 82: 100.

“We did not find our rhythm in the attack and lost a lot of free throws. It is very difficult to play in this way, but I told the men that even after losing everything, they need to defend themselves, not to let the opponents out by such a margin … The Hamburg team deserved to win, ”said the Russian club strategist Yevgeny Pashutin.

However, he will not have time to correct the mistakes – the club has announced that the contract has been terminated by mutual agreement.

“We thank Yevgeny for a good job for a year and a half. He led the team well and managed during a difficult period of the pandemic, but lately the level of play has been unsatisfactory and a decision has had to be made. I hope that the fans will accept this sensibly, “said the team’s president Andrei Vedishchev.

Lokomotiv-Kuban ranks among the leaders of Group A in the European Cup and ranks fifth in the United League (5/3).

The teams take over the helm temporarily Branko Maksimovičius.

J. Pasutinas took over the helm of the team in 2019. He has previously coached prominent Russian clubs (Moscow’s CSKA, Kazan’s Unics, Saratov’s Avtodor) and the country’s oligarch-run Kant Panacanestro. In 2014-2016 he coached the Russian national team, in 2017 he gained experience in the G League of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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