Passau / Baviera: crossbow murders: two other bodies were found: traces in the Middle Ages


In a boarding house on the outskirts of Passau, the police find three bodies on Saturday, stuck in the bodies of dead arrows. Now two more deaths have been found – in an apartment.

  • In a pension in Passau (Bavaria) the employees find three deaths on Saturday (11 May 2019). A 30-year-old Gifhorn woman from Lower Saxony and a 33-year-old woman and her 53-year-old companion from Rhineland-Palatinate.
  • There are arrows in the corpses. Two crossbows are guaranteed. On Monday it was learned that a third crossbow was also in play.
  • The bodies will be autopsied on Monday. The first results are scheduled for Tuesday.
  • At the moment we are reporting the case on Monday. New information will arrive during the day.

+++ Update +++

22:43: Great police mission yesterday morning in the Junkerstraße in Wittingen, a city of 12,000 inhabitants in the district of Gifhorn / Lower Saxony: two women's bodies were found in an apartment building. The two dead women are about 30 years old. One of them is Farina C.'s sister and lived with her in an apartment. Now she died like her sister: Farina C. had been registered in Wittingen only since March and was responsible for selling baked goods in civilian life. His passion, however, probably belonged to the Middle Ages scene, to the bustle of medieval markets with jugglers and knight tournaments.

Now she died to death in a medieval way and probably killed two more people with her. This now leads the runway to Passau, to the remote guesthouse "Zur Triftsperre" on Ilz, which has been the focus of investigations into the three mysterious deaths since Saturday. The dead are beside Farina C. a man named Torsten W. (53) and Kerstin E. (33).

Today the result of the autopsy should be available. But yesterday it was announced that Kerstin E. and Torsten W. found themselves side by side in a double bed. Farina C. was found dead on the floor of the triple room. "It must be ruled out that another person is involved," Passau senior prosecutor Walter Feiler said yesterday. According to his statements, they had been fired several times. Torsten W.'s forehead and brain were pierced by two arrows, there were also other bullet holes. Several injuries from arrows also showed the body of Kerstin E. However, only one shot had to be discovered in Farina C's corpse. This could indicate that it was the last to shoot.

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Crossbow murders in Passau: found wills on the scene?

20:35: Disturbing details of the mysterious murders of Passau and Wittingen continue to leak to the public. So imageNewspaper, the three deaths of the Pension Passau were all members of an "international knights club" which, among other things, hosts tournaments. This confirmed the prosecutor Passau.

The newspaper also writes that the trio had stopped in Passau on the way back from Austria. There, the three killed had bought the three crossbows, which were later also found on the scene. Moreover, it was found in the two found on the dead body of will. Furthermore, the two women found in Passau were "dressed in striking black fashion".

Further results will be provided by the autopsy of the five people killed. Survey results should be available during Tuesday.

The dead of Wittingen and Passau are sisters

17.01 clock: The two women who died at Wittingen's apartment are around 30 years old. One of them is C.'s sister, the thirty-year-old who died of the Pensionzimmer Passauer. He lived with her in an apartment. Now she died like her sister.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues in Passau. The authorities exclude that other people have been involved in the crime. The corpses of the couple found on the bed were pierced by several arrows, as shown below.

C., who was found on the floor facing the bed, had only one arrow in his chest.

15:46: Forensics has been working since 14.25 in the murder apartment in Wittingen. the AZ * talked to several shocked neighbors on the site. "It was always a little strange," says a local resident. "Always dressed in black. So gothic-wise." He never greeted either of them. A family was probably in the same house where the murders took place. They didn't notice anything.

Two other bodies of women were found in this apartment in Wittingen. There lived the 30 years of Passauer retirement.

© Holger Boden

The apartment is located in a multi-family house in Junkerstraße in Wittingen. It is part of a bar that has been closed for years.

14:46: A speaker of the public prosecutor's office in Passau as well as the Niederbayern police confirm the finding now also officially. According to a recent communication from the Lower Bavarian police, the criminal police Gifhorn must now determine the backgrounds and the identity of the two dead women. The Kripo Passau is conducting the investigation into the case.

14:03: The apartment is located in Wittingen (Kreis Gifhorn) in Lower Saxony (see our exclusive Passau story under Update, 12 May, at 18:01). The 30-year-old has been registered there for information from our editorial network since March. The police are currently in place and protect the traces on the scene. Reporter of ours Enter digital editorial network * I'm also on the site. Like the prosecutor in front confirmed, it should be the bodies of two women.

Video: Crossbow murders in Passau – two more deaths found in an apartment

+++ EIL: two more deaths in connection with crossbow murders found at Passau in Wittingen +++

+++ EIL: 13:31: For information from our partner portal * two other bodies were found in the apartment of the thirty-year-old dead crossbow from Lower Saxony. Further information will follow.

Crime scene: the idyllic Pension an der Ilz.

© Markus Christandl

00:20: According to current information from our editorial staff, the two bodies (the 33-year-old and the 53-year-old from Rhineland-Palatinate, who were found hand in hand in the bed) show several gunshot wounds. Especially the corpse of the man gave a disturbing picture. There were two arrows in his head alone. The arrows entered through the forehead and almost completely pierced the head.

Passau: he finds three dead in the pension room: the details disturb

Update from May 13th to 10.03 clock: Two days after the discovery of three bodies in a pension in Passau, the police announced further details. According to a recent report by the Lower Bavarian police, the bodies of the 53-year-old man and the 33-year-old woman lay together in a bed, the 30-year-old lying on the floor.

Auslage: The drama of death happened in a room like this.

© Markus Christandl

In addition, investigators provided a third crossbow, which was still in a bag and was not used based on initial results. So far, the discovery of two crossbows was known (Read below, Update, 12 May 18:01, our exclusive case history).

The Passauer Neue Presse the junior manager of the pension has provided further details he wants to know. They read very graphically. Then the dead couple lay hand in hand on the bed. The arrows were locked in the chest and in the mind. The 30 year old with an arrow in his chest on the floor in a pool of blood.

Update from May 13th to 18:28: The three dead in a pension in Passau continue to reason. What happened on Saturday is not yet clear. Two women (30 and 33) and a 53-year-old man died, the autopsy of their bodies is to give more clues.

Two young women and a man died in Passau's pensions – the arrows are stuck in corpses

Update from 12 May to 18:01: Passau – It is the furthest room on the second floor, which has yet to be cleaned. The maid opens a door and sees a body on the bed. "Someone put a doll on it," he tells his colleague.

Mysterious case of murder in the pension near Passau: the maids find three dead

"A doll?, Which cannot be", replies the colleague. They open the door a little more, then realize they are in the middle of a mysterious murder case.

Video – Three dead in retirement in Passau: In the three corpses you block the arrows – next to two crossbows

In the three-bed room of the idyllic guesthouse, directly on the Ilz and near Passau, three bodies were discovered Saturday afternoon. Allegedly, the two women (30 and 33) and the man were subjected to wounds that were taught with arrows or crossbow arrows, because two of these weapons were also in the room. Who fired? How did the murderer kill himself then? And what's behind this case?

Three people with arrows killed in the meeting room near Passau: so the tragedy took its course

Idyllic point: the pension from the bird's-eye view.

© Screenshot Google Maps

The tragedy began Friday night. Outside, where the rain was roaring wildly, the noise with the noise of the Ilz overlapped, parked at 22 o'clock a white pickup in front of the board. Three people sat in the car, a 53-year-old man, his companion from Rhineland-Palatinate and a 30-year-old woman.

Carina C. (changed name) from a city in the district of Gifhorn (Lower Saxony) had booked a triple room. Without breakfast, for three nights, 85 euros a night. They were here for the first time. The kitchen was already closed, the three were not hungry anyway, they just wanted to quickly go to their room.

Mysterious case of murder in Passau: dressed man and white beard – women dressed in black

"It was a strange group," recalls a guest later. The oldest man in the Rhineland-Palatinate looked very serious in his suit, and his white beard, which reached to the stern, also contributed. The two women were dressed in black. They all wished a "good evening", took some water and Coca-Cola and climbed the stairs to the second floor. That was the last time they were seen alive.

"They just wanted to get to their room quickly" – but what happened next?

What happened in the simple room with double and single bed? This seeks to discover the criminal police of Passau with the prosecutor Passau. "Currently there are no indications of possible participation by other people," said police spokesman Stefan Gaisbauer. "In the bodies of the dead there were arrows, which are probably related to the found crossbows." The bodies are now subjected to autopsy. Then it should be clear what the two women and the man died.

Even yesterday the relationship between the victims was not clear. Carina C., who had booked the room, is considered in her hometown as a young woman who likes to retire. "As if he didn't want to deal with anyone," says a neighbor. "She obviously likes to be alone." Yet he had contact with people who lived at least 500 kilometers away.

The operation in the economy and retirement continued yesterday as usual. For Mother's Day, the inn was full. A young mother who, like everyone present, learned of the tragedy, says: "It's unbelievable".

At Stammtisch you can only remember a similar case. When a young maid was found drowned a little lower along the Ilz river. It was 1944, the murderer was never found.

It was also a shock in a sports field when a local resident in Emmerthal near Hanover had found the body of a young woman in a hut, as reported by

Update from Sunday 12 May 2019: The report on the discovery of three people who were discovered lifeless next to two crossbows in a boarding house Passauer continues to reason: it is not yet clear in what relationship the two deceased and dead women are – the investigations of the criminal police of Passau take still on

However, a new detail has been announced that makes one shudder: the arrows have been found in the lifeless bodies of the dead. As the police announced on Sunday, the prosecution ordered an autopsy of bodies.

Employees had discovered the three dead Saturdays in a boarding room – so far there is no evidence of other people's involvement.

The horror is retired in Passau: two dead women found – next to two crossbows

This was our first announcement on Saturday 11 May 2019:

Passau – As reported by the headquarters of Lower Bavaria, the staff members of a pension have found three deaths in a room this Saturday.

Just before noon, pension employees enter the room, probably for daily cleaning. But there is a horrible scene waiting for employees: two young women are there and an older man. All three are dead, especially scary: two crossbows lie next to the dead.

They immediately call the police, who arrive with a large contingent that includes the police.

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Scary located in Passau: two dead women in hotel rooms – next to the crossbows

The police quickly discover that the dead are two women aged 33 and 30 and a man aged 53. The dead come from Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate.

They had rented the pension in the district of Passau Unteröd in Ilztal on Friday. strong he was the cleaner who found the dead. The junior boss then contacted the police. The pension is located in Ilztal. Actually a very nice and quiet place on the Ilz in front of the Reschenstein castle.

The Passau Criminal Police took a thorough investigation on the spot in close coordination with the Passau prosecutor.

For the police, the background to the disappearance of the people is still completely open, and it is not yet clear in what relation the people are the one with the other.

The investigation continues.

In another drama, a 93-year-old Hanoverian woman was killed in her kitchen, as reported by *.


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