Passed for historic Feyenoord final: ‘Cigarette caught and crying’

Former Feyenoord goalkeeper Eddy Treijtel does not exactly keep warm memories of the historic European Cup I final between Feyenoord and Celtic of 6 May 1970. The now 73-year-old Rotterdammer still has fifty years later that he is just before the final match passed in Milan.

Just before the final, Treijtel had to concede three goals against archrival Ajax. “We were 3-1 ahead and there was a cross from the right, from Suurbier. I wanted to tap that ball over the bar, but Cruijff hit my hand away. So he went into the goal behind me. Everyone said it was my was wrong, but what can I do if someone throws my hand away? “Treijtel recalls talking to RTV Rijnmond.

The then trainer Ernst Happel was inexorable: not Treijtel, but his then 36-year-old namesake Eddy Pieters Graafland – recently deceased – was allowed to defend the Feyenoord goal in the final. “I arrived at the training, he met me in the hall: I want to talk to you, I have decided that I will play with Pieters Graafland in the final. Well, I would have preferred him to hit me had given my face. “

Treijtel did not do much that Feyenoord eventually became the first Dutch club to win a European cup. “Everyone was cheering in the dressing room, but I went to the toilet. I lit a cigarette there and I was crying. I ate something in the hotel and went straight to bed, I had to to process on my own “, it sounds. “But then I went back to normal. I lost everything and just partied. The welcome was of course great, then you go along with it.”

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