Passenger car toll burst: scouring wants to let motorists ride a motorcycle – without testing


This reports “Spiegel Online”. Accordingly, the federal government is already planning easier access to motorcycling. Accordingly, additional training and testing should be replaced by a manageable number of practice hours.

Accident experts warn against risks

The German Traffic Safety Council and the Federal Highway Research Institute (Bast) commented on “Spiegel Online”. Access to motorcycles without testing would increase the number of fatalities. In Austria, similar rule changes “would have contributed to a noticeable deterioration in traffic safety,” said Bast.

However, not only young people, but above all “newcomers and returnees” at the age of 45 to 55 years are at risk. The “specific risks of driving motorized two-wheelers at high speeds” would be neglected in the absence of separate training and testing.

Motorcycle without a driver's license – that should change

According to the report, the training required so far will be replaced by a theoretical unit of 90 minutes and six driving lessons. These could even be completed on a traffic training ground.

In addition, the ability to ride a motorcycle, according to the project of Minister of Transport Scheuer, no longer require a separate driver's license (class A1), but only an extra note in the normal driver's license (class B). This would enable motorists to drive light motorcycles with up to 15 hp in the future. That's enough for speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour and more.

So far, only the classes M (mopeds up to 50cc and a maximum of 45 km / h) and L (tractors up to 32 km / h and forklifts to 25 km / h) in the driving license class B included.

The hook: Anyone who has just made his car driver's license is not allowed to ride a motorcycle. The driver must have his driving license for at least five years and must not be younger than 25 years.

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