Patch note MAJ Fortnite 17.21: new legendary weapon …

A new update has just landed on Fortnite Battle Royale with new content related to the theme of the season.

A new major update has finally appeared on Fortnite. This brings many changes that may turn the game upside down.

On this Tuesday, July 27, a new legendary weapon arrives in the game to destroy everything without holding back: the plasma cannon.

But there are other surprising potential additions, including a countdown to a live event and more.

New Plasma Cannon weapon

A brand new Mythic weapon has been added in Fortnite: the Plasma Cannon.

According to Epic’s description, this weapon launches a slowly moving ball of energy, zaps nearby objects, and destroys any buildings in its path, so it looks like it could be pretty deadly in the right hands.

Found in normal or IO chests, the Plasma Cannon has enough energy to fire five balls of plasma. They create an electric dome that moves slowly forward. Enemies trapped in the dome take heavy damage and are knocked back. Vehicles are affected in the same way.

When it comes to buildings, the effect of the plasma cannon is different. This weapon destroys structures almost instantly. In addition to being found in chests, the Plasma Cannon can be crafted. So you will need combine a legendary pistol with a nanite extraterrestre.

A mysterious countdown

A new countdown has appeared on the Fortnite map, leaving players to speculate on what it might lead to.

The inflatable bull is again available in competitive mode

Epic Games

The Inflatable Bull is finally back!

The Inflate-A-Bull had been disabled competitively due to a major bug that made players invisible.

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However, Epic Games appears to have fixed the issue and has confirmed that it has been re-enabled in Fortnite update 17.21.

Le Rail Gun nerfé

Railgun sur Fortnite
Epic Games

This sniper rifle was clearly a force of nature.

The Rail Gun is considered by many Fortnite players to be the most powerful weapon introduced in Season 7.

But that might be about to change, as some people have reported that he’s been nerfed.

According to some players the weapon now only breaks one wall and does not hit anything behind.

A mysterious ship has appeared in Fortntie

An unusual alien vessel flies over the Spire Crater. It is likely that its actual function will become clearer very soon.

Rift Zone

Fortnite season 7
Epic Games

Temporal Beacons are making a comeback in Fortnite, but with a twist!

According to a recent leak, Epic Games will be reintroducing time tags into the game. However, they will work a little differently from previous seasons of Fortnite.

Not only will they be created by the mothership, but they will include everything their predecessors had introduced. From limited gravity to the disguise system, including teleportation and sliding on the ice.

HYPEX has also claimed that they will not all appear at the same time. Rather, they will appear in the order he indicated.

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Here is everything to remember from this path 17.21 of Fortnite.

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