Patent: Is Google also building a folding smartphone?


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The foldables were the important thing of the MWC of Barcelona. In addition to Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi, Google could work on a folding smartphone, if it is after a patent.

Concepts for folding smartphones, the so-called folding, is an entire series. With Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X in addition to the Motorola, Xiaomi and Oppo devices, some folding devices are already being launched or at least already confirmed. Patently Mobile has now discovered a Google patent that also describes an idea for a folding smartphone.

The Google patent shows the concept of a folding smartphone

According to Google's engineers it may already work on a flexible screen pixel phone. But in the same way, Google could have simply supported its idea for the leaflet – without having a real interest in bringing such a device to market. In any case, there is neither an official confirmation nor a reliable report on the corresponding efforts of the Group.

Folding patent: this is how Google imagines a folding smartphone. (Image: Google / USPTO, t3n)

The patent in question was filed in June 2018, but contains relatively simple drawings. Furthermore, Google does not appear to have made a decision regarding the type of folding, folding or folding. There are several options in the designs: from simple hooking to double folding.

Huawei Mate X in photos

The first impression of Huawei Mate X, which we were able to examine for a few minutes at MWC 2019, was extremely positive. Above all, the excellent workmanship does not indicate that it was just a prototype. (Photo: t3n)

While Samsung and Huawei are about to introduce devices on the market – at high prices starting at $ 2,000 – Google's patent is more in the company of Apple or Motorola. As last, some producers have flirted at least with the idea of ​​a folding smartphone. Incidentally, the Chinese manufacturer ZTE has also filed a patent for a folding smartphone. The ZTE patent is somewhat reminiscent of the Galaxy Fold.

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