Patent litigation resolved: the price of Qualcomm's shares increases


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<p class=Apple makes a payment in unknown quantity to the chip company Qualcomm.

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A US court, the jury is only following the opening remarks, there are rumors starting: Apple and Qualcomm end their years of patent war – completely surprising. Stockbrokers make a winner.

Apple and Qualcomm have surprisingly resolved their patent dispute, which has been severely fought for months. The news of the settlement broke out in the midst of both companies opening petitions when they met Tuesday in San Diego, California. The iPhone manufacturer and the chip manufacturer had lawsuits in different countries, the dispute also occupied German courts. Observers rated the comparison now reached according to early results as a Qualcomm victory.

The chip maker will then receive a sum of money not disclosed by Apple and a six-year license agreement, with which Qualcomm could regain its position as a semiconductor supplier for iPhone. Qualcomm's stockpiles have exploded.

All against all

apple 199.25

Apple had accused Qualcomm of abusing its market power. The company has created a patent for a virtual monopoly on certain types of chips, thus the charge. These are semiconductors that connect smartphones to mobile data networks. Qualcomm in turn accused Apple of patent infringement. The Californian technology giant does not pay for the use of Qualcomm technology, hence the charge. In the last year, Apple has left only Qualcomm's rival Intel chips installed in its iPhone installation. Previously, Apple had stopped paying Qualcomm royalties.

In the legal dispute, which went on for two years, it was sometimes long. Again and again there have been judicial decisions, in which sometimes a part and the other side were victorious. After a decision by the Munich district court, some iPhone with Intel semiconductors were not to be sold in Apple's German branches. In front of the court of the Bavarian capital Qualcomm had also asked the head of Apple Tim Cook to coercively increase.

Rare game

Qualcomm 64,00

On Tuesday, unusual scenes took place in the San Diego courtroom: a jury was observing the company's opening speeches, as the first tests were leaked by comparison. Journalists left the court to obtain officially confirmed information. Judge Gonzalez Curiel then interrupted the meeting and temporarily dismissed the jury. Opposing lawyers exchanged views until Curiel continued the session.

"The two sides found the ideal solution," the judge said. "This development has allowed technology companies to re-enter the business and allow you to return to their business," he told the jury.

Qualcomm's shares rose 22%. The papers of Apple and Intel mentioned a little higher.

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