Paternity leave: a call to ” invest in the future of families “

The union Work.Switzerland launched Sunday, the day of the feast of the fathers, his campaign for paternity leave, be submitted by referendum on 27 September. In his eyes, this project contributes to a good start in family life and promotes equality between men and women’.

Today, fathers have a different design and the most modern of their role a few years ago, writing the umbrella organization of the workers in a press release. ‘It is clear to them that they take care of their babies, comfort or change their diapers – even at night’.

A paternity leave of two weeks gives them the necessary time to the time to invest daily in their new role and to support their partner after the birth.

The counter-project drawn up by Parliament is also a ‘pragmatic compromise typical swiss’), welcomes the president of Work.Switzerland Adrian Wüthrich, quoted in the press release. ‘It is an investment for families and it offers to SMES a more equitable’.

According to a representative survey conducted by the Link Institute, 71% of Swiss are in favour of paternity leave of two weeks, while 16% oppose it. This high rate ‘shows that this is the right time to adopt a paternity leave’, said Wüthrich.

The project plans to give fathers a two-week leave funded by the allowances for loss of earnings. It should be taken within six months following the birth, not necessarily bulk. A referendum has been launched by the UDC, a few members of the young liberals, radicals, and the PDC, who deem it too expensive.



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