News Patient with coronavirus had contact with 280 people in...

Patient with coronavirus had contact with 280 people in Tabasco

The Ministry of Health of Tabasco revealed that a person infected with COVID-19 was not in quarantine and had contact with 280 people, so all of them are already being sought to have them under observation.

“We also have our case 31, that case has left us 280 contacts”

At a press conference, the head of the agency, Silvia Roldán Fernández, revealed that an event similar to “case 31” occurred in South Korea was detected in this entity, where a woman infected with China of Coronavirus traveled to that country and did not followed the sanitation measures affecting more than a thousand people, In Tabasco it is a patient who traveled abroad who tested positive, but before he had gone to various places having contact with dozens of Tabasco residents.

“I don’t know if they read case 31 of any article China; Case 31 is a woman who ignored the recommendations, walked everywhere, and that was the case that unleashed the most important part of the epidemic; we also have our case 31, that case has left us 280 contacts, so now we already have cases that have nothing to do with travelers abroad, “he said.

Roldán Fernández did not detail who it is, only that he has already been identified and that all his contacts are being sought to put them under observation.

When making a count of the epidemiological incidence that COVID-19 has had so far in Tabasco, he specified that of the 33 confirmed cases 25 are from the municipality of Centro, three of Comalcalco, two of Nacajuca, one of Cárdenas, one of Jalpa from Méndez and another from Emiliano Shoe.

Of these, 82 percent have been treated on an outpatient basis and 36 percent have required hospitalization due to their history of chronic degenerative disease.

“Nine people are hospitalized in the hospital” Dr. Juan Graham Casasús “, five residents of the municipality of Centro who tested positive for COVID-19, three in process -two from Villahermosa and one from Huimanguillo- and one more than Cárdenas had respiratory symptoms, but the study was negative, “said the official.

Of the total that there are hospitalized, he specified, three are reported as serious and connected to a respirator, and two more are under surveillance for being people over 60 with comorbidity; that is, associated diseases.

The official reported that a 63-year-old patient is also reported in Hospital Angeles, also in serious condition and with chronic bronchitis, for which she required the use of an artificial respirator; while at the Regional Hospital of Pemex, a 59-year-old patient is treated who, in addition to respiratory symptoms, has diabetes and obesity. Both cases are monitored by the agency.

The health secretary announced that as of this Sunday, the distribution of materials began to hospitals and health centers that will help to cope with the health emergency, including gel alcohol and face masks, supplies that were scarce. . In addition to this, it confirmed the hiring of 271 specialists to strengthen the service in the medical units.

He announced that with the support of the National Guard, the Ministry of Health, as of Monday, three epidemiological surveillance posts located in Paraíso will be added to the posts, others more in La Venta and Chontalpa Station, in Huimanguillo; El Tortuguero, in Macuspana, and the Villahermosa-Teapa highway.




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