Sport Paul Pogba severely clashes Liverpool former glory, Premier League...

Paul Pogba severely clashes Liverpool former glory, Premier League top secret deal

Souness? I didn’t even know who he was.

Paul Pogba finds himself again in one of the tabloids this morning. The Manchester United midfielder answered questions yesterday on his club’s website and one of them invited him to comment on criticism from Graeme Souness, former glory of Liverpool. He had pointed out the behavior and the style of play of the French in the newspaper The Times Sunday. La Pioche replied: ” I didn’t even know who he was “, He said. “I heard that he was a great player and stuff like that. I know her face, but not the name. A “no name” for Pogba, which amused the English tabloids of the day. ” Who are you ? “, Questions the Daily Express, the Daily Star or the Daily Mirror. A clash that is found in one up to Scotland, homeland of Souness where the Daily Record talks about a clash between the two protagonists.

The Premier League Secret Covenant

It’s a rumor, which if it turns out to be correct, will start a hell of a controversy in England. Indeed, according to the Daily Mail, Premier League clubs, and in particular the champions of the championship, could conclude an agreement between them so as not to come and steal players during the next transfer window. A sort of non-aggression pact. Why ? Because English clubs fear the reaction of their stars to the cut in wages they will be victims of in the coming weeks. And some might take the fly and decide to look elsewhere, to see if the grass is greener there. Especially, if a competing club comes to offer them a big contract. In short, we haven’t finished talking about the drop in wages for players across the Channel.

Conte’s shortlist for his attack

While rumors sending Lautaro Martinez to FC Barcelona have become more and more insistent in recent weeks, Inter and especially his coach Antonio Conte must react. In one of the Gazzetta dello Sport of the day, we learn that three names have been checked by the Italian coach to strengthen his attack at the next transfer window. Yesterday the daily spoke of a possible exchange with Barça concerning Antoine Griezmann. But Olivier Giroud is also still part of this short-list. Like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the Arsenal striker, who has also been associated in recent days with Real Madrid with the key to an exchange between him and Luka Jovic.


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