Paula Arias and Eduardo Rabanal kiss passionately in the ampay of Magaly Medina and the salsera does not deny it VIDEO Farándula RMMN | SHOWS

¿Paula Arias returned with Eduardo Rabanal? The program “Magaly TV: La Firme” captured the sauce boat and the soccer player in a bar in the San Isidro district, where they both met again after ending their love story.

In the ATV images it was possible to observe that the singer of Son Tentación shared a pleasant moment with the athlete in the aforementioned night venue, but then they left to get into the Rabanal car, where they starred in more than one passionate kiss.

Before the images, a reporter from Magaly Medina went in search of Paula Arias and she did not deny the ‘ampay’, but clarified that “He’s not hurting anyone.”

“I am calm because I know the woman I am and I know what happens in my private life because in the end we are the protagonists”said the sauce boat for “Magaly TV: La Firme”.

“I believe that my decisions do not harm anyone and I will always have criticism, I am used to it. But the decisions and what I live day by day are my things, ” concluded.


Tepha Loza revealed that she would go to Qatar with Sergio Peña for the playoff: “He is processing my permit”

The member of ‘Esto es Guerra’, Tepha Loza, stated that she will travel to Qatar in June to accompany her lover Sergio Peña in the national team’s playoff match with the aim of reaching a place in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. In addition, confirmed that the soccer player is processing his permission with the producer Peter Fajardo so that the model is absent from the program for a few days. (Source: America TV)

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