Paula Robles spoke openly about her feelings for Marcelo Tinelli

Yes ok Marcelo Tinelli is one of the most recognized figures in the country at a national and international level, the truth is that his ex, Paula Robles, was always characterized by having a low profile in her relationship.

With an open heart, the media talked about what her relationship with Tinelli was like, with whom she had her children Francisco and Juanita. In dialogue with Ángel de Brito, she confessed: “He is a good ex because he is very present with the boys, banking and help”.

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On the reasons why their relationship ended, Robles was honest but made it clear that he still loves Marcelo: “For me it’s like it transforms. It is not the love of a couple, but one still loves each other. And we are the fathers of the boys”.

Paula Robles confessed that Marcelo Tinelli is a good ex and was linked to the driver again. Photo: Instagram

It is inevitable for me not to love Marcelo, he is the father of my children”, Paula closed, in an interview where she stressed that the presenter was the great love of her life and that she is not currently dating.

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