Pauly Shore wants Disney + to do Encino Man 2, says Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin are ready

Will we finally get the sequel promised 28 years ago in the end-credits streak of Pauly Shore’s classic comedy? Encino man? Pauly hopes so. Over the past week, the iconic comedian and former MTV host campaigned on social media to get Disney + to finally pull the trigger and Encino Man 2. According to Pauly Shore, his former casting mates Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser, who he has remained very good friends with since filming the original, are both ready and willing to return.

Encino man arrived in 1992 and is an important comedy in many ways. It was the first film to feature Pauly Shore portraying his Weasel character, catapulting him to instant stardom. Although he was an escape veejay on MTV and had appeared in the long lost cult classic before Ghost of the mall, as well as captivating appearances in hugely popular TV series Married with children and 21 rue Jump, Encino man served as Pauly’s introduction as the comedic leader in what would become several blockbuster comedy films.

Encino man would also be Brendan Fraser’s introduction to the world after appearing in a handful of TV movies. Comedy pushed him to become an instant celebrity in the 90s. It also helped Sean Astin move from being a child actor to that of an established adult actor, and serves as a precipice for his subsequent career, propelling him. in blockbuster films such as Rudy, The Lord of the Rings and the hit TV show Strange things.

Encino man is fondly remembered by the three actors. And Pauly Shore hit his social media hard, telling fans to demand Disney + continue what they started in 1992. Paul Shore said so in his first Instagram post.

“Good o’l Encino Man, remember that classic?” How many people want to see Encino Man 2 ?! Access Disney + on social media and let them know that Brendan, Sean, and I are good to go! Let’s do this 2021. Let’s go! Wiez the dooooooooodz prune juice. ”

Pauly Shore didn’t stop there. He would continue to support and push the idea that Encino Man 2 absolutely must happen. Not as a theatrical release, but as a live-streaming comedy made exclusively for Disney +. He keeps saying this.

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“This is the kind of vibe we need right now !!! Encino Man 2. Come on @disneyplus, no one is left behind! Let’s get flowin budzzz positivity! Let’s spread this brozzzz optimism! Let’s Wiezz the f *! # Cking brother juice. @seanastin.

In addition to pushing that Encino 2 Post on his social media platforms, the iconic comedian also spoke with Looper about making his dreams come true. He had this to say about his work on the film.

“When I made Encino Man, the director of Encino Man years ago, Les Mayfield, he had never made a movie either. So sometimes you gave people a chance and it works.

L’original Encino man ended with Brendan Fraser’s caveman girlfriend not being disheartened, which paved the way for a sequel. The scene with the reunited cave couple sharing a bath was immediately followed by a quick end credits scene in which Pauly Shore, Stoney Brown, promised he would be back. Sadly, Stoney Brown has not been seen again.

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Encino Man 2 will not be a direct sequel. There was originally talk of a sequel that would see Stoney freeze and wake up in the distant future. Looks like this idea was scrapped for a story that would see the characters of Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser return. Although Stoney never had a follow-up movie, Brendan Fraser reprized his role as Caveman Link in the Shore follow-up. Beautiful son and later played Link as a soldier in Shore’s In the army now.

Disney + has not commented on Pauly Shore’s call to create a sequel to possibly his most iconic film. Shore recently starred in The guest house, which brought him back to the status of a leading man after several years of absence from the big screen. He currently has his own podcast and several Youtube shows which are very popular with fans.

Brendan Fraser currently featured in the hit HBO Max DC Comics superhero series Patrol of Fate as Cliff Steele (aka Robotman} and he appears in Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming Heist movie No sudden movement and will be seen in the sci-fi romance Behind the curtain of the night, which are currently in post-production and will likely make their streaming debut. Sean Astin most recently appeared in several episodes of The CW’s Super Girl. He also has several independent films in post-production. Encino Man 2 looks like it could move forward with everyone ready and willing. Now it’s just at Disney +.

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