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Pavlov: let a man organize a wedding and in disputes do not look like a witch on a broom – Relationships – Egoiste

“We first got married ten years ago in New York at a very formal wedding ceremony. Because Agnija wanted my last name ten years later, it was easier to register the marriage a second time here. Usually it is women who want the wedding ceremony. What have I seen? Brides in our salon ordering wedding dresses, usually trying to control the whole process – from flowers, bows and ending with the wedding cake.And I see how much stress they experience at this time.Instead of relaxing and drinking champagne, they rather resort to valerians.I’m sorry What would you like to recommend to women?

Let’s arrange a wedding for a man! Basically, I did it in two weeks. My bride (wife) knew nothing before. Neither where, nor how will the wedding event take place, nor what will be the table decoration, nor what will be the wedding cake.

She only knew the guests who would come and what dress she would have. Because it had to be applied before, “Alexander Pavlov speaks in an interview about the wedding in the magazine” Ieva “.

In the interview, Aleksandrs also talks about mutual relations, in which, in cases of disputes, a woman does not have to fight, but must be like a fairy. “Scabies is in every family. I also tell my clients that a man will always fight to the end.

Because the essence of man is to win. But in my view, a woman is not a beast, a woman is a fairy. So as soon as she wants to fight, she starts looking like a witch flying on a broom. I recommend every woman to look at herself in the mirror at such a moment.

If you like what you see, everything is fine – you can continue the fight. Only fights are very tiring. So every time a balcony falls, it has to be rebuilt wisely. “

But when experiencing the makeover, it seems to the women that they have found some kind of magic button. In fact, maintaining your image is a huge job. You have to invest time, finances and work on your own. In a way, the makeover show can be compared to the Cinderella ball, where one shoe comes with it as a bonus. Because when you leave the party at midnight with an old dude and the same husband, you are still waiting for the prince to bring that other shoe with all the castle accessories. But this prince is a job that needs to be done to look good. If, for example, I don’t rub my hair and the beard from which grayness comes out for a while, I look ten years older. But everyone can look better. And women must be selfish in this regard. Why? Because no one needs an unhappy woman – neither a husband nor children. If a woman feels and looks good, the atmosphere in the family is completely different. And if a man does not carry a woman on his hands, then she is to blame. I believe so. Because a wise woman does so that a man provides for her.



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