Pay Government Debt, Foreign Exchange Reserve Remains US $ 137.1 M

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Bank Indonesia (WITH A) record the amount foreign exchange reserves Indonesia amounted to US $ 137.1 billion in March 2021. The foreign exchange position decreased from the previous US $ 138.8 billion in February 2021.

Executive Director and Head of the Communication Department of BI Erwin Haryono said the amount of foreign exchange reserves had decreased because it was used to pay off government foreign debt last month.

“The decline in the position of foreign exchange reserves in March 2021 is mainly influenced by the payment of government external debt according to the payment maturity pattern,” Erwin said in an official statement, Wednesday (7/4).

Even so, he stressed that the amount of foreign exchange reserves was still equivalent to financing 10.1 months of imports or 9.7 months of imports and servicing government foreign debt.

“As well as being above the international adequacy standard for about three months of imports,” he added.

In addition, the national central bank considers the foreign exchange reserves to be able to support the resilience of the external sector and maintain macroeconomic and financial system stability.

Looking ahead, BI views the foreign exchange reserves as adequate, supported by stability and a maintained economic outlook, along with various policy responses to promote economic recovery.

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