Payment of Citizenship Income in June 2022, the date of the top-up and the news on the amounts

This month’s Citizenship Income was paid out starting June 15 to those who receive it for the first time, while from June 27 it will be credited to those who already receive it. Let’s see what are the news on the increases corresponding to the Single Check and the 200 euro bonus.

Il Citizenship Income of June 2022, as every month, it will be disbursed in two different installments. From June 15 it will be up to those who receive it for the first time or who renew the year after the first 18 months due and one of suspension. From the June 27, on the other hand, it will be the turn of those who must receive any monthly payment subsequent to the first. In this second case, as indicated on the Inps website, the payment of the income will be paid by Poste Italiane on the prepaid card issued by PostePay: the rdc card. Once you have applied to receive the support measure – through the Inps website, the official government website, Caf, or post offices – you will receive it for 18 consecutive months, after which it is necessary to submit an application again. If the requisites have not in the meantime lapsed, disbursement will resume after a one-month break for another 18 months.

In recent months, many earners have seen the amount paid out on the rdc card increase. This thanks to the integration corresponding to theSingle Check for children, equal to the result of a special calculation communicated by the Institute. Still for the month of June, however, the receivers of the Rdc will not see any integration on the monthly amount corresponding to bonus 200 euro: the one-off incentive provided for by the Aid Decree to cover expensive energy will be paid automatically next July to almost all categories. Let’s see how much the integrations are and how to request them where necessary.

Payment of Citizenship Income in June 2022, calendar and dates

The Citizenship Income of June 2022 will be disbursed in two installments: one for new workers and one for those who must receive any payment after the second:

  • from 15 May to those who must receive the first installment or who have renewed it after 18 months and a suspension
  • from May 27 to those who have received it for more than a month
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How much is due in June with the single check and the Rdc payment

Any increase given by the Single Check on the amount of the Citizenship Income does not correspond to the mathematical sum of the two measures. To find out about the integration called Rdc / AU, it is necessary to follow step by step the calculation instructions indicated by INPS in circular letter no. 53 of last April 28:

  • Rdc / AU minors integration = Theoretical amount of the Single Check in relation to the Isee and the number of dependent minor children – Rdc share of minors dependent on children
  • Rdc / AU adult supplement = Theoretical amount of the Single Check in relation to the Isee and the number of dependent minor children – Rdc share of adult dependent children

Once these two calculations have been carried out, to know the exact amount of the surcharge that will be credited to the card, it is necessary to add the Rdc / AU minors with the Rdc / AU adults.

Most of those who are entitled to the Single Check and are already income earners will automatically receive the integration on the prepaid rdc without having to apply for it. In some specific cases, however, it will be necessary to request it by filling in and sending the Rdc-Com / AU form:

  • presence in the family unit of a dependent child up to 21 years of age who is attending a degree course, carries out an internship with an earned income of less than 8 thousand euros per year, is registered as unemployed or looking for work at employment centers o carries out universal civil service;
  • presence in the nucleus of a dependent minor child not correctly entered in the DSU useful for the purposes of recognition of the Rdc;
  • presence in the family unit of a mother under the age of 21 not entered in the DSU useful for the purpose of recognizing the Rdc as declarant or spouse of the declarant;
  • indication of the parents exercising parental responsibility referring to each child within the family unit, for the purpose of paying the single and universal allowance in equal parts between the parents (for example family units where both parents of one or more dependent children due to separation or divorce or in the case of natural parents not living together);
  • existence of a valid provision of custody of one or more minor children present in the household by the declarant other than the parent (for example, grandfather, uncle, etc.);
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With the circular number 2261 of last May 30thINPS has indicated in detail how to fill in the Rdc-Com / AU form for each category, explaining that the payments of the supplement to the Citizenship Income will be paid retroactively only if the document is presented by 30 June 2022 The Institute then rectified with the message 2537 dated 22-06-2022: the payments of the supplement will be retroactive even if the model will be presented after 30 June.

Citizenship income and € 200 bonus, how it works

Citizenship income earners will receive a one-off 200 euro bonus against expensive energy along with the monthly payment for next July. Accreditation will take place automatically without the need to apply but only if there is not already a recipient of the measure provided for in the Aid Decree within the family unit. Consequently, given the size of the audience of recipients of the 200 euros, there will not be very many income earners who will see the integration on the rdc card this summer. The bonus will in fact be paid to employees, retirees, self-employed with or without VAT number, unemployed, collaborators, seasonal and domestic workers. For the disbursement to self-employed workers, VAT and Cococo numbers with personal income of less than 35 thousand euros, however, the implementing decree has not yet been signed: the procedures must therefore be defined and the Inps platform set up through which the interested parties will have to apply. .

How to check the balance of the refill on rdc card

Checking the balance on the rdc card can be useful to verify that the Citizenship Income has been paid correctly and when any additions amount. You can do this in different ways:

  • by logging in with SPID to the reserved area of ​​the official website of the Citizenship Income
  • inserting the card into a Postamat ATM and entering the PIN
  • by calling the toll-free number 800 666 888, made available specifically to verify the payment of the CPR
  • by contacting Poste Italiane or INPS
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Citizenship Income, because it is at risk of being repealed

The Citizenship Income seems to be at risk as regards the disbursement from 2024. For some time, in fact, the center-right has been criticizing the measure of income support strongly desired by the 5 Star Movement during the yellow-green government, saying they want to abolish it. A year ago the secretary of Itava Viva Matteo Renzi announced that he wanted to start the collection of signatures for the abrogative referendum for the cancellation of income after the election of the President of the Republic. Will then repeated last month but which has not yet translated into any concrete action. In any case, the possibility of an abrogative referendum on the issue by the end of the current legislature, which will end with the policies of 2023, seems impossible, as he explains in an interview with Luigi Marattinpresident of the Finance Commission in the Chamber and exponent of Italia Viva: “By law we can only collect signatures in the October 2022-January 2023 window, and in any case, even in that case, the law would always prohibit holding the referendum before the political elections” but, he specified, “the collection of signatures is only postponed, we will abolish income”.

To encourage work and, at the same time, increase the lowest incomes, Italia Viva would like to see the introduction, instead of the RD, of a negative tax accompanied by a massive deduction for low and very low incomes. The deputy and secretary of the Italian Left is strongly opposed to the idea of ​​abolition Nicola Fratoiannithat he told “If a tool like income – which can be discussed, which can be improved, reformed, updated and revised – is really an effective competitor with respect to job vacancies, then the problem has the job market with his indecent salaries “.

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