Paz Cornú spoke about her pregnancy and confessed that she went through a fertilization process

Paz Cornú married in April 2019 to Diego Orden. Their love story had begun two years earlier at the Tequila bowling alley, the night that ended with a consolidated family and in the sweet waiting for twins today. Paz and Diego They enjoyed a romantic evening in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez, along with Milan and Ítalo, the children of Cornu, fruit of his previous marriage.

There, the magazine City Magazine He approached them and asked them a series of questions regarding the 40-year-old Argentine’s pregnancy. They decided to open up and tell how they are living this very significant moment in their lives: “It is a miracle at my age, when we least thought about it, it came twice. Every day and every moment I am grateful for this gift from God ”, he said. Paz Cornú.

Hours later, she told how the idea of ​​being a mother had been for her: “We had started an assisted fertilization treatment because I was having a hard time staying, and with all the tests and studies I found out that I was already pregnant and it was not necessary do it ”, the public accountant’s wife began to relate. And he added: “I got pregnant just when I was with coronavirus, that’s why I felt that I was dying more or less.”

“But that discomfort passed and then I began to feel good, only with the typical discomfort of pregnancy. It was terrible having the pregnancy and Covid-19 together. First I found out that I had covid-19, then I realized that I was pregnant and I understood why it was so bad, “he was honest. To conclude your dialogue, Cornu He was happy with his partner and revealed that they still do not know the sex of the babies.

“We are happy and with great gratitude, I thought I was not going to be a mother again. One thinks about age and those things, but God surprised us with this wonderful news and we are very grateful “, he concluded Paz Cornú. During the month of December there were many pregnancy rumors in reference to different public figures, such as Pampita, Laurita Fernandez and Jimena Baron. In the midst of this gossip, Cornu gave the good news and this seemed to calm the anxieties of the followers of the other celebrities mentioned.

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