Pazos Neighborhood Alternative calls the Climate Plan “wet paper”

The Pazos de Borbén opposition group, Alternativa Veciñal (AV), described the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy just approved in plenary, even though it “fully” shares its objectives. “This plan is a very good, poorly managed idea that ends up being a waste of public money,” says the training in a press release.

“The most graphic example of the waste we are talking about is that the plan designates public lighting as a key sector at the municipal level, due to the great energy expenditure it entails,” recalls AV. “It turns out that Pazos de Borbén already had a grant of 600,000 euros to renew the lighting, which was lost due to the poor management of the PP government. We lose 600,000 euros to renew the lighting and we pay 4,000 to be told that we have to renew it ”, alleges the group headed by Luciano Otero.

He also questions that the Action Plan suggests awareness campaigns to promote recycling, “but it would be better if the neighbors had an adequate network of containers for selective collection to be able to recycle and with practically non-existent public transport to be able to use it”, AV concludes.


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