‘PBA’s biggest word’ Sanchez-Han Ji-eun joins the new team ‘SY Bazaar’… Completion of ‘9 teams’ in the team league |

Daniel Sanchez (49) and Han Ji-eun (22), ‘PBA’s biggest word’, were given priority for the new team SY Bazar. Photo = Villiers data photo, provided by PBA

Daniel Sanchez (49, Spain), the ‘Four Kings of 3-Cushion’, and Ji-Eun Han (22), the strongest female 3-Cushion player, join the new SY Group team.

In addition, SY Group and High1 Resort formed a new team in the Professional Billiards (PBA) Team League, completing a nine-club system.

The Professional Billiards Association (President Kim Young-soo) announced on the morning of the 18th that “SY Group and High1 Resort will establish a new Team League team” and “Team League will enter into a nine-club system.”

SY Group has recently submitted an application for establishment and has been reported to have completed the nomination of preferred players.

Named ‘SY Bazzar’, the team prioritized Sanchez and Han Ji-eun, as well as Hwang Deuk-hee (55), Lee Young-hoon (32), and Han Seul-gi (32), a female player, as founding members.

The remaining players will be selected in the ‘2023 PBA Team League Draft’ to be held on the 23rd.

SY Group, a general construction materials producer, has been holding the top spot since becoming the top share in the domestic building exterior panel market in 2006, and is a company with unrivaled market dominance in the field.

The professional billiard team SY Bazar is named after SY’s independent cosmetics and beauty brand ‘BAZZAR’.

Bazaar means to promote K-beauty to the world, and the professional billiards team also means to be reborn as a team that expands to the world.

High1 Resort, which served as the title sponsor of the 5th tour last season, established a professional billiards team this season and participated in the team league, forming a deeper relationship with professional billiards.

On the other hand, at the ‘2023 PBA Team League Draft’ held at the Korea Press Center at 3:00 pm on the 23rd, Korea’s only 3-cushion world champion Choi Seong-won (46) and Han Ji-eun will attend and reveal their impressions of team league selection and determination for the new season. Is expected.

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