PBL: Investing in making your own home more sustainable is almost unprofitable | NOW

For the majority of households, it is financially unprofitable to make their homes more sustainable without additional subsidies, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) concluded from its own on Monday. research. In many cases, the savings on housing costs through sustainability do not outweigh the costs of sustainability, or only after decades.

In the study, the PBL compared the current energy bill of various households with the energy bill after making the home more sustainable. This showed that the current investment costs and regulations make it impossible for many households to make their homes more sustainable without increasing the total housing costs.

For example, the total housing costs of a household that improves its home from energy label D to energy neutral in combination with energy label B will decrease by 50 euros per month. The investment of 35,000 euros cannot be recouped with this saving over a period of 30 years, calculated the PBL.

The question is whether sustainability will become financially attractive in the future, says the planning office. After all, the costs of making it more sustainable would have to fall far enough to make it profitable.

The Climate Agreement stipulates that Dutch homes must be energy neutral by 2050. According to the PBL, additional policy is needed to make sustainability financially attractive, otherwise the contribution of homeowners to achieving this agreement will be “considerably less” than the government expects.


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