PBSI National Selection Selection Update, Dozens of Athletes Failed, Here are the Names of Participants Who Qualified for the Semifinals

HALOYOUTH – Round quarter final PBSI National Selection has been held, all compete to fight for tickets to the round semifinal.

Half semifinal PBSI National Selection itself will be held tomorrow at Pelatnas Cipayung, East Jakarta.

Dozens of athletes have died because they lost in the round quarter finalHere are the names of the athletes who qualified for the semifinals PBSI National Selection.


men’s singles

Because there are more participants, this sector will still be in the round tomorrow quarter final, as for the names that qualify for the quarter-finals are as follows:

Muhammad Halim As Sidiq, Bismo Raya Oktora, Muhammad Reza Al Fajri, Jason Christ Alexander, Raja Inal Pohan, Nash Shaar Akmal, Muhammad Rizky Akbar, Prahdiska Bagas Shujiwo.

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women’s singles


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