PC and internet bonus, just two weeks to request the € 500 contribution: here’s how

To request the bonus internet and pc as far as 500 euro time is running out. The 1st of October expires the Phase 1 of the incentive plan for i less affluent households, which do not have a fast internet connection, with a heavy digital gap compared to the rest of the population. After that date, therefore, the discount as it is now will cease, replaced by a less substantial contribution. Still many vouchers are available, of what is a measure strongly desired by government count II. The intention of theDraghi executive, therefore, is to accelerate and quickly proceed to Phase 2, which will hopefully work better and in less time. The next bonus, in fact, will concern a wider audience of people.

PC and internet bonuses, how it works and the stakes

The voucher in fact it is split in two parts: one forsubscription to the telephone company, the other for thepurchase of pc or tablet. Families (one per family) with a Isee up to 20,000 euros, who do not hold an internet connectivity contract or who already have one connection basic broadband internet, less than 30Mbit / s in download and 15 Mbps in upload and they want to move to a faster connection, which allows them to reach the speed of FTTH optical fiber, that is 1 Giga in download.

Bonus, complete guide to contributions: TV, mortgages, PCs, renovations and children

You can get it: from 200 to 400 euros to cover and activate an Internet subscription home, approved by Infratel Italia; from 100 euros to 300 euros for purchase costs of a PC or tablet, provided by the operator who received the accreditation from Infratel.

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The nuclei in possession of the requirements will be able to obtain the discount up to 500 euros in total for the entire service, i.e. both the contribution to activate the internet subscription, and the contribution for the simultaneous purchase of a tablet or computer. If the cost of the product exceeds the amount of the contribution, the managers ask for the cash difference.

How to apply

The facility goes asked to the fixed telephony operator, by filling out a downloadable form on the website of Infratel (voucher plan, annex C). In the form you must declare that you have the required requirements, that no one else in the family has already applied for or obtained the benefit, providing personal and tax data with the photocopies of documents. It is therefore necessary to indicate the tablet or PC chosen. Only one contribution can be activated for each family unit present in the same house. Attention, then: you cannot buy a PC or tablet with the voucher without simultaneously activating an Internet home promotion, whose duration must be at least one year. Finally, the telephone operator receives reimbursement for the discounts applied by the Infratel company.

The requirements for pc and tablet

I pc they are purchasable if they have these requirements:

– CPU: 4 core; 2 GHz o superiori;
– RAM: 8 GB or higher;
– Screen size: larger than 14 inches;
– Screen resolution: HD (1366 × 768) or higher;
– Internal memory (disk or SSD): 256 GB or higher;
– Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB;
– Camera: 8 Mpx ƒ / 1.9;
– Autonomy: 8 hours or more;
– Integrated audio.

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PC and Internet bonuses, how to get the last 500 euro vouchers before Phase 2

I tablet instead they must respect these features:

– CPU: 4 cores; 2 GHz or higher (or 8 cores; 1 GHz or higher);
– RAM: 4 GB or higher;
– Screen size: greater than 10 inches;
– Screen resolution: Full-HD or higher;
– Internal memory: 64GB or higher;
– Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB;
– Camera: 8 Mpx ƒ / 1.9;
– Battery: 6000mAh or higher.

The next phase 2 is the trade union proposal

The next Step 2 provides a contribution up to 200 euros only for the activation of a new home Internet subscription. In this case the Isee limit rises to 50 thousand euros. To the variation of the contribution are added concessions for companies with the aim of simplifying the switch to ultra-broadband.

PC bonus, Pisano: “Voucher for 400 million to families with Isee under 50 thousand euros”

I telecommunications unions criticize the measure e they ask to keep the maximum of 500 euros and to eliminate the Isee limit, to increase the audience of recipients with the many funds that remain. In fact, last July the resources committed amounted to over 87.4 million euros, 44% of the 200 million available. The social partners, then, appeal to the government to include theADSL and FWA, technologies to be exploited when fiber is not available.

The final decision for any changes with respect to the road map already marked lies with Cobul (the Ultra Broadband Committee chaired by the Minister of Digital Innovation Vittorio Colao).


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