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PC Gaming Show – Escape From Tarkov, Video of Streets of Tarkov

Hello to all !
Here we are again for news ofEscape From Tarkov from the conference of the PC Gaming Show. Finally…. not really !

In fact, the studio BattleStates Games was announced as a participant in this annual event, which was indeed the case. But the studio obviously had a desire to communicate in his own way. So, a few minutes before its passage in the flow official PC Gaming Showa live Youtube of the studio was started in order to present the first images of the future card Streets Of Tarkov (Streets of Tarkov). We will not let you wait any longer, here’s the video :

We will come back a little later in this article to analyze this video.

Shortly after, it is the live of the PC Gaming Show that showed the same video, but cut a few sequences.

Nice for PC Gamer, which will, therefore, have technically not had the exclusivity of the images (which have all the same gathered more than 10 000 people on Youtube).

In short, then, this has been accompanied by a mini interview of Nikita. Good, expected, Nikita, we learned nothing more than what one already knows.

For latecomers, feel free to read all our articles on the news of Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov – Games o Matic

Play as a soldier of a militia private who shall, alone or in a team, do everything to get out of a Russian city devastated : The FPS, where realism is pushed to the extreme…

In fact, this kind of conference is open to the general public, who am not the news of the game in detail. To have real info all fresh, don’t miss the dev blog that the studio organizes, from time to time.

The video of Streets of Tarkov

Now, and if we analyze this video ?!

The street



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