PCIe 7 is coming in 2025 and offers transfer rates of up to 512 GB/s

24. June 2022 –
At its developer conference, the PCI consortium presented the upcoming PCIe 7 standard, which can theoretically transfer half a terabyte per second.

The PCI-SIG committee has the PCIe-7 standard as part of its developer conference presented (via “Engadget”). According to the consortium, the new PCIe standard will deliver enormous data transfer rates of up to 512 GB per second. In practice, this value will probably be lower, but the jump is still impressive – the PCIe 6 expected towards the end of the current year offers half the maximum transfer rate of 256 GB/s.

According to PCI-SIG, the new interface should be more energy-efficient, offer lower latency and be backwards-compatible with older generations. The start of the seventh PCIe generation is planned for 2025, the first hardware with PCIe 7 is expected in 2027. (win)

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