PCP says CDU results are consequence of anti-communist campaign

Communist leader João Oliveira today considered that the electoral results of the CDU in the local authorities are the result of a “prolonged and intense anti-communist campaign” and the concentration of discussion on national rather than local issues.

In a statement, the member of the Political Commission of the PCP Central Committee praised that the “obtaining of more than 450,000 votes, 9.1% of the national total, the election of more than 2,000 direct mandates, to which hundreds of others will be added. , are the true dimension of the CDU result”.

“Not evading the loss of seven municipalities”, João Oliveira, who is also the leader of the communist parliamentary bench, argued that the “result of the CDU is inseparable” from various conditions, such as “the effects of a prolonged and intense campaign anti-communist” to undermine the “recognized and distinctive seriousness of the elect” of the coalition.

The PCP leader added that there was “a blurring fed over weeks of the nature and objectives of these elections, blurring their local character and the distinction in this plane between the various electoral programs”, leading to a “decision based on political criteria and trying to attribute to the PCP and the CDU positions in this plan that it does not have”.

The general secretary of the PCP, Jerónimo de Sousa, had also criticized the lack of discussion on local matters during the municipal campaign, considering that it was dominated by “spectacle politics”.

In the note released today, the parliamentary leader of the PCP referred that the pandemic and the associated constraints hampered the typical contact of the CDU with the populations for almost two years: “A framework in which life and life were suspended for practically two years. activity of the associative movement, retirement organizations, the educational community and others, with all that this entails in the amputation of collective experience”.

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“The thousands of mandates obtained by the CDU in municipal and parish bodies will correspond to a decisive intervention that the populations can count on. The support now collected will be fully placed at the service of the populations”, he concluded.

The CDU lost seven municipalities in Sunday’s local elections. Mora, Montemor-o-Novo (district of Évora) and Moita (Setúbal), three of the nine municipalities presided over by the CDU since the first municipal elections, in 1976, were transferred to the PS sphere.

The coalition also lost to the PS the municipal councils of Loures (Lisbon), Alvito (district of Beja) and Alpiarça (Santarém). The municipality of Vila Viçosa (Évora) was conquered by a PSD/CDS-PP/MPT/PPM coalition.

However, the CDU won the municipalities of Barrancos (Beja) and Viana do Alentejo (Évora) from the PS.

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