PD 3 Prediction More Real, Called Break 23 November 2023

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The possibility of World War 3 (PD 3) has recently been increasing. This was due to the war between Russia and Ukraine which dragged the military forces of the West and allies.

Most recently, the prediction of the outbreak of WW3 was revealed by Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant, Alexa. A video also describes Alexa’s detailed response after being asked when the big war broke out.

“PD 3 begins on November 23, 2023 at 18:05, when Russia launches an attack on Germany,” Alexa was quoted as saying Daily StarWednesday (1/2/2023).



Even so, many people doubt this. Steve Rabuchin, Vice President of Amazon Alexa, makes it clear that Alexa answers can be personalized.

“You don’t need any skill-building or coding experience to get started. My family built our own prank skills in minutes, and it’s been great fun interacting with Alexa in a whole new, personal way.”

Alexa’s answer itself occurred shortly after the Chairman of the NATO Defense Pact Military Committee, Rob Bauer, expressed the alliance’s readiness in facing direct confrontation with Russia. This comes at a time when relations between the alliance and Moscow are at their hottest due to the war in Ukraine.

In an interview with Portugal’s RTP TV, Bauer said NATO had prepared for this by forming battle groups along its eastern flank. He explained that the defense pact would add more forces in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

“I think that is an important message for Russia, that our posture has changed, to show them that we are ready if they have the idea to come to NATO,” Bauer told the media. Russia Today.

“This is an important signal to Russia that we are ready if they decide to go after NATO. This is a red line. If there is a red line, then it is Russia that crossed our border,” added another report from Ukrainian media Ukrainska Pravda.

Bauer went on to say that for decades, many NATO countries thought they were the ones who could decide when and where to deploy their troops. But at this time, with the situation of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Bauer said that Moscow has a big role to play in pushing the alliance’s military attitude.

Russia itself attacked Ukraine since February last year because of Kyiv’s intention to join NATO. The alliance has long been seen as a rival to Moscow, so Ukraine’s entry into NATO is seen by the Kremlin as a threat to its security.

Meanwhile, to this day, a number of NATO patrons such as the United States (US), Britain and Germany have provided weapons support for Ukraine to drive back Russian troops. Most recently, Berlin and Washington have pledged tanks to the Kyiv military.

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