PD 3 signal from Asia, Kim Jong Un Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un called on his country to be ready to carry out a nuclear strike at any time to prevent war. He accused the United States (US) and South Korea of ​​expanding joint military exercises involving American nuclear assets.

Kim’s remarks came as the isolated country conducted what KCNA, North Korea’s state media, called drills aimed at enhancing tactical nuclear strike capability and preventing war on Saturday and Sunday.

The exercise was carried out to send a stark warning to the US and South Korea. So far, a number of warnings have been issued but to no avail.



KCNA report as quoted ReutersMonday (20/3/2023), during the exercise, a ballistic missile equipped with a dummy nuclear warhead flew 800 km before hitting a target at an altitude of 800 meters under a tactical nuclear strike scenario.

Meanwhile, South Korea and Japan reported North Korea’s launch of a short-range ballistic missile off the east coast on Sunday, the latest in a series of missile tests in recent weeks.

North Korea reacted strongly to the joint South Korea-US drills, calling them a rehearsal for an invasion against it. The Allies have been carrying out their annual drills since earlier this month.

In another development, KCNA reported more than 1.4 million North Koreans had voluntarily joined or re-enlisted in the military to fight against Seoul and Washington, up from about 800,000 reported two days earlier.

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