PD Denies Attacking Yusril’s Personal, Alludes to UN AD/ART Not More Democratic


Democratic party (PD) denied the claim of lawyer Yusril Ihza Mahendra who said the Democrat cadres attacked him personally. Democratic party assessing that what has been conveyed so far are facts related to Yusril’s relationship with the Democrats in the 2020 Pilkada.

“If we look carefully at the statements of Bang Andi Arief and Bang Rachland Nashidik, there is no statement that is or is in the form of a personal attack on Prof. Yusril Ihza Mahendra. What is presented is facts to explain the relationship between YIM and the Democratic Party in the 2020 Simultaneous Regional Elections ago,” said Deputy for Bappilu DPP of the Democratic Party Kamhar Lakumani when contacted on Saturday (25/9/2021).

Kamhar assesses that what the Democrat cadres have said so far is precisely to refute Yusril’s arguments regarding this judicial review Democratic AD/ART which is considered a legal breakthrough due to the absence of state authority. He then questioned the AD/ART of Yusril’s party, which was considered not necessarily more democratic.

“The question is why only the AD/ART of the Democratic Party? Why not the AD/ART of other parties? Including his own party as the Chairman of the United Nations whose AD/ART is not necessarily more democratic,” he said.

Furthermore, Kamhar also questioned the hidden intentions of the agenda judicial review The Democrat Party’s AD/ART was initiated by Yusril along with four former Democrat cadres. He said the move by Yusril and four former Democrat cadres actually opened the door for the intervention of certain authorities to mess up the Democratic Party.

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“Not only that, also questioning the hidden intentions of the agenda judicial review The AD/ART which is read is not meant to strengthen democracy, instead it opens the door for certain authorities affiliated with the power to mess around and interfere with the sovereignty of political parties that become political institutions and democratic institutions,” he said.

Kamhar also requested that Yusril not be emotional in responding statement Democratic cadres. According to him, it is only limited to providing education to the public.

“So far from the fire. This is important to present to the public so that it is clear, not distorted or manipulated, this is also at the same time to educate the public. Therefore, Prof. YIM does not need to be emotional in responding to the arguments presented by Bang Andi Arief and Bang Rachland Nashidik in public spaces,” he said.

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