PDECat uses pineapple with Torra on the Madrid strategy


Despite the doubts with the policy that the party must make in Madrid and the plurality of opinions in the direction, the PDECat yesterday agreed to remain in no The budgets and the pineapple of Pedro Sánchez with the government of Quim Torra. After a 12-hour marathon meeting in Barcelona, ​​the party agreed to stay there no in the accounts of the PSOE and we can do so if there are no "movements with political prisoners" and "do not seriously enter" an offer to resolve the political conflict in Catalonia. "We have found full support for the Government of Catalonia, convinced that their strength will be the best way to address the sentences of political prisoners when they occur," they said yesterday in an abstract circular on the day sent to militancy. A force that contrasts with the sectors that coexist within the party, which would most likely not close the door as soon as Pedro Sánchez.

On the other hand, and despite the discomfort of the party sectors for the role of JxCat in Parliament in the suspensions, they also agreed to take the part of the president. Bearing in mind also that the impact that the ESDP has on the strategy in Parliament is much lower than that of the Congress.

According to the party sources, the meeting was good to counter the opinions that coexist in the PDECat around the strategy that must follow the sovereignty from now on. "From the meeting we have not been able to find an in-depth debate," says a member of the board, adding that these meetings will be held periodically. According to the match, yesterday, the next meeting will be in Waterloo in November with the former president Carles Puigdemont, also promoter of the National Call for the Republic, to face the relationship that will be played with the party.

Face the municipalities

One of the issues that were clear yesterday, according to known sources of the meeting, is that the PDECat must go parallel to what the Crida does, and that is why the meeting focused on local elections, # 39; internal organization and the holiday budgets this year. "The most important challenge we have before us is to win the municipal elections", the PDECat sources reaffirm, which ratify the decision to compete there as Together for Catalonia in all the municipalities. Except, they add, what can happen in Barcelona. "There is no debate here", they say from the management, and they also assure that this "tacit agreement" already exists with the riders Crida, because the Crida will not be presented at these elections. So far, on this issue, mayors have been aligned with party president, David Bonvehí, who defends community-centered efforts with the JxCat brand. From now on, in fact, a commission of work is spurred to start the mechanism for these elections.

Despite the time of the meeting and the imminent foundation of the Crida, the lace that the PDC has with the movement has not been addressed. The members of the management consulted by the ARA state that now the point of consent is to wait for the call for proposals to be set up on the 27th at Manresa. As explained by ARA, the direction of PDECat will not be involved in the foundation and many of the party cadres have not yet become "founders" of the new political space (paying 10 euros) to participate in this first convention in which Puigdemont will determine what should be the new space.

Many of the consulted painters fear that it is a political organization ("I already have one", I repeat) and I refuse to dilute it. That's why it will be fundamental – to define the attitude of the PDECat before the movement – the documents that Appeal presents to Manresa. Two documents will be made public, one from the political strategy and one from the organizational one, which will illustrate the strategy to reach the republic (in theory, the only objective of the movement) and how to articulate the new space to the territory

As for the presentations, the promoters of Crida explain that the organization "will seem more like a platform" than the structure of a "party", despite the fact that the trademark has been registered with the Ministry of the Interior and that a "direction". They clarify that members of the Crida can be organized internally based on "ideological tendencies".

The pilots' proposal will be submitted to a process of electronic debate until December 6, during which the PDECat will also have to define its role in all this.


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