PDIP Cadres are Hurt Ganjar Pranowo Create Content Bringing the Party’s Name

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Deputy Chief Branch Manager (PAC) PDIP Temanggung District, Fajar Nugroho, suddenly returned aid from the Governor of Central Java reward Pranowo. Fajar admitted that he was upset after the video of Ganjar’s visit to his house was uploaded to YouTube and his comments were considered to tarnish the party’s good name.

Fajar admitted that he had no idea that the video of Ganjar’s visit to his home in Kemantenan Sari, Mungseng, Temanggung District, Sunday (9/1) would then be uploaded on Ganjar’s personal YouTube. The video for giving aid at Fajar’s house is entitled ‘RUMAH RIOT OF PDI STRUGGLE cadres in ENGKOK LAND’ (currently the title has been changed).

“That’s what makes me sick, this is why my party was brought up, yes (the title). If for example I don’t use it in the name of the party, I fine-fine It’s okay, but why is this using the name of the party,” Fajar said when contacted detik.com, Thursday (13/1).

Fajar found out that the video was uploaded on YouTube on Monday (11/1). At that time, this corn chip maker was taking a break from work, and was accessing YouTube for fun.

“Idly open it, I don’t even ngeh if in-upload, uploaded or not ngeh at all. As soon as I found out, I kept seeing various kinds of comments like this. Yes, it’s like my poverty is actually being made into an image, but how come it’s embellished with the party,” he said.

Fajar said that during the visit, Ganjar provided food assistance, toys and cellphones for his son, which he has now returned through the village. Ganjar is said to have promised to repair Fajar’s house.

“I have returned it to the village office. Because I don’t know where to return it, there are only urban village agencies here,” he explained.

“If groceries sorry how come it’s not ethical, because I’ve eaten. The children’s toys, there are dolls, continue to cook, the toy cars, the transformers, the little robot,” Fajar continued.

Separately, Ganjar said Fajar was chosen because he was one of the PDIP Temanggung cadres who were beaten by community organizations (ormas) during the 2019 presidential election for defending the Jokowi-Ma’ruf pair. With that reason, he intended to help Fajar.

“I know Mas Fajar is Jokowi. So in the past, Mas Fajar came to my house with eight of his friends. And at that time, in order to maintain the success of Jokowi-Ma’ruf, Fajar and his friends were willing to be beaten,” said Ganjar in a statement. written, Saturday (16/1).

“So I came to Mas Fajar’s house to help. At that time it was fine and well received. But later he was not pleased. Yes, if Mas Fajar refuses it’s okay, maybe I am wrong,” said Ganjar.

Ganjar explained that he had been providing assistance to fellow cadres for a long time, to be precise when he was still a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives. However, this is the first time there has been a refusal.

“Actually since the first, we have been running in the seventh electoral district. During the month of Bung Karno we made it, in Grobogan we made it,” he said.

“If you don’t like it then it’s okay. For me there is no question of offending. The important thing is that the party should not be ridden and divided,” explained Ganjar.

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