PDIP is wondering, PKS considers it normal for Anies to invite meatball entrepreneurs


Steps of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan inviting Bakso seller During the Jakarta E-Prix 2022 Social Friendly Night at the DKI Jakarta City Hall a few days ago, PDIP was asked. The chairman of the PKS faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Ahmad Yani, assessed that the invitation of the meatball seller was an expression of concern for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“Because Pak Anies really pays attention to MSMEs, then in the event he invites meatball vendors. I think as an appreciation to revive street vendors,” said Ahmad Yani when contacted, Sunday (26/6/2022).

According to Yani, there is nothing to do with Anies inviting the meatball seller with the statement Megawati Soekarnoputri. He said inviting meatballs was a normal thing.

To note, PDIP Chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri’s joke about the meatball maker had become a topic of discussion. PDIP said Megawati’s joke was twisted from its full context.

“So it has nothing to do with what Mrs. Mega said, because this has become the governor’s concern for meatball traders and street vendors. This is a normal thing, no problem,” he said.

“The attention is quite high (to MSMEs) but this is just a coincidence of the moments that are being covered. Actually, the activities that have his attention are very good for MSMEs,” he continued.

Furthermore, Ahmad Yani said Anies was re-encouraging MSMEs after two years of sluggishness due to the COVID pandemic. He said that MSMEs in every area in Jakarta are also continuously being developed.

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“Yes, indeed this was promoted after yesterday’s pandemic, COVID in the future must increase economic awakening, among those who receive great attention from MSMEs. That is why MSMEs in each region, region, sub-district continue to provide guidance and training for them,” he added.

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