Peacemaker: John Cena is having a blast in this Suicide Squad sequel

If you liked the movie Suicide Squad, which was a great success last summer in cinemas, it’s a safe bet that you will fall for the spin-off series Peacemaker, which features the character of the same name played by John Cena.

In Suicide Squad, villains were recruited by a special branch of the government for a perilous mission on the island of Corto Maltese: destroy all evidence of the Starfish project. Obviously, the mission was strewn with pitfalls and the victims were numerous. Among the survivors, we obviously note Peacemaker, this badly licked big arm character played by John Cena. This therefore allows him to resume this completely sassy role in a new series, created and produced by the unique James Gunn (Gardians of the Galaxy), in which he will have to fight against a new threat; the butterflies “.

The series picks up as Peacemaker is given a new mission, after four years in prison for his actions committed in Suicide Squad. The main interested party, who is not, let’s say it, the most thawed pogo of the box, will not be long in putting his feet in the dishes again. With his faithful companion, the eagle Eagly, and his mischievous sidekick and gluepot Vigilante, will Peacemaker achieve his new goals, when confronted with dangerous new creatures?

This storyline, to say the least original, will bring its share of twists and turns, each crazier than the next. In this context, actor John Cena is visibly having fun like a little madman, in addition to offering a new depth which is welcome. He sometimes offers outrageous lines, sometimes action scenes in underpants, sometimes emotional moments, where his character shows a little of his true nature, sometimes things that we could not even suspect, like this opening credits, which you can see below, which is sure to make us laugh every time. This does not fail to set the tone for the project!

Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee and Robert Patrick make up the jaw-dropping cast. True to form, director James Gunn offers an escalation of action, colors, madness, pop music and laughter, which is perfect at the moment, it must be admitted. The series has eight episodes that perfectly fulfill their promise, which is to entertain. See it on CRAVE!

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