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Farmers 'president Joachim Rukwied supports the planned farmers' demonstrations on Tuesday against too strict conditions for the industry. “It's just too much, what the policy the peasant families,” said Rukwied the “Passauer Neue Presse” from Tuesday. As examples, the President of the German Farmers Association named the Action Plan for Insect Protection, the Fertilizer Ordinance, the EU Free Trade Agreement with the South American Mercosur states, and increasing livestock farming requirements.

The disappointment of farmers over the policy was “very large,” Rukwied said. “I can imagine that we will not only see protests on Tuesday, but also in the weeks that follow.”

Tractor rides and rallies in 17 cities

The action plan Insect Protection of the Federal Ministers Svenja Schulze (SPD) and Julia Klöckner (CDU) brought the cascade to overflow. “That would leave the cooperative nature conservation,” said the farmer's president of the newspaper. “2.3 million hectares of land would be severely affected.”

On Tuesday, farmers throughout Germany want to demonstrate. The initiative “Land creates connection” has announced tractor rides and rallies in 17 cities, including Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Hanover. In Bonn, nearly 10,000 farmers and supporters are to drive to the city center with hundreds of tractors, buses and cars.

Also in France demonstrating again on Tuesday farmers in front of the district offices of various departments against strict conditions. At the same time, however, several coalitions called for a rally for a greener agricultural policy in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

According to the Brandenburg police, about 600 police officers, including about 300 riot police, provide traffic safety. Nevertheless, it can lead to extensive traffic restrictions. The planned routes lead, inter alia, via the B1, B2, B5 and B96 to Berlin. All routes lead to the Big Star, which the tractors circle once and return on the same route back.

Announced are five routes:

1st Route North:

From Prenzlau on the B198 to Angermünde to the junction Rosinthal, continue on the L200 to Eberswalde, Bernau and from there on the B2 to Berlin.

In the Berlin city area: B2 Dorfstr. – B2 Malchower Chaussee – B 2 Berliner Allee – Ostseestr. – Wisbyer Str. – Bornholmer Str. – Oslo Str. – Seestr. – Beusselstr. – Turmstr. – Gotzkowskystr. – Levetzowstr. – Altonaer Str. – Big Star

2nd Route East:

From Seelow on the B1 to Müncheberg and Rüdersdorf to Berlin.

In the Berlin urban area: Landesgrenze Alt-Mahlsdorf – Alt Kaulsdorf – Alt Biesdorf – Alt-Friedrichsfelde – Frankfurter Allee – Frankfurter Tor – Karl-Marx- Allee – Otto Braun- Str. – Mollstr. – Torstr. – Hannoversche Str. – Hessian Str. – Invaliedstr. – Old Moabit – Stromstr. – Lessingstr. – Altonaer Str. – Big Star

3rd Route South:

From Lauchhammer it goes over the B169 to Elsterwerda, on the B101 Bad Liebenwerda, Herzberg to Jüterbog on the B115 to Baruth / Mark and on the B96 over Zossen to Berlin.

In the Berlin urban area: Land border Kirchhainer dam – Lichtenrader dam – Mariendorfer dam – Tempelhofer dam – Platz der Luftbrücke – Mehringdamm – Wilhelmstr. – Hallesches Ufer – Potsdamer bridge – Reichspietschufer – Von der Heydt-Straße – Klingelhöferstr. – Hofjägerallee – Big Star.

4-5. Route West:

4th route: From Bückwitz over the B5 to Friesack and Nauen to Berlin.

Route 5: From Wittstock / Dosse via the L14 to Kyritz, on the B5 to Bückwitz, where the routes 4 and 5 join.

In the Berlin urban area: Landesgrenze Hamburger Chaussee – Heerstr. – Theodor- Heuss Square – Kaiserdamm – Bismarckstr. – Ernst-Reuter-Platz – Str. D. June 17 – Big Star. (TSP / dpa / AFP)


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