Pedestrian climbs along power lines to cross at busy road in Vietnam


He's no chicken – but he's crossing the road: Brave man climbs along POWER LINES to get busy through the road in Hanoi Cars and motorbikes rush past seemingly oblivious to the man dangling abovelookers praised his agility but worried for his safety in light of the risky moveBy

Sarah Ktisti For Mailonline

6:53 am EST, 7 December 2018

7:22 am EST, 7 December 2018

A man in Vietnam's capital Hanoi took an unorthodox approach to a busy road.Fed up with the rush-hour traffic, the frustrated pedestrian pedestrian was seen in spiderman-like manoeuvre in the mid-air and traverse the busy.The pedestrian was seen inching his way along the street and in jam-packed road in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Wednesday morning.

The man's acrobatics left at least one passing motorist bewildered, while others understood how frustrating it is at times to wait for an eternity to cross the busy street

He has become a member of his team, he is a guy, he is a guy, and he is a guy. The man's acrobatics left at least one passing motorist bewildered.'I still can not understand it. They're power lines, 'said Tu Thanh Bui, who recorded the scene. Was he so desperate to the road that he risked his life? I know this part of the road. It's very busy and difficult to cross. I think this is a smart idea, 'added Minh Chen, another passerby. Meanwhile, some social media users are branded the man 'spider man' and praised his agility. 'He has very good balance. It looks like spider man has come to Vietnam. I hope he made it across the road, "said Nguyen Trang.

The pedestrian was seen on the road in Hanoi, Vietnam on Wednesday morning. Some social media users branded the man 'spider man' and praised his agility

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