Pedro Sánchez clings to the Constitution to calm doubts in the PSOE over the "crossroads" of the amnesty

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“Within the framework of the Constitution“, “within the Constitution”, “complying with the Constitution”… are the catchphrases that punctuate all the actions of the PSOE and interventions by Pedro Sánchez in recent weeks. The open negotiation with the Catalan independentists to land a formula on The amnesty has the formation in a tense calm. Publicly they close ranks with the socialist leader and try to shield him from criticism from the opposition, but until we see black on white what was agreed there is tingling. Because, as he has recognized Carmen Calvoformer vice president of the party, and who was once again starring in an event with Sánchez, “we are at an interesting crossroads.”

Everything was as clear as Sánchez was, for the first time, this Friday in the European summit in Granada and under the protection of the highest representatives of the European institutions, where for the first time he mentioned the word “amnesty” and defended its application, he became silent at a party event in Granada just hours after saying goodbye to the European leaders. The socialist candidate maintains his bet that “there will be a progressive Government” that will “continue advancing in rights and freedoms, building coexistence” and that will do so “within the framework of the Constitution.”

Sánchez has found in Andalusia, both this Saturday in Granada and last week in Sevilla, the staging of a closing of ranks with its commitment and a militancy that carries it in flight. The socialist leaders and officials who are speaking out these days show their confidence in Sánchez and that everything will be done “within the framework of the Constitution.” An expression that also contains an important load of desire, because the truth is that no one in the party has information except a small hard core.

Because the socialists know that they face a few key weeks, a decision, that of amnesty, that will mark a turning point. And that generates hidden tension. “Pedro, you have a great challenge that is complex and we all recognize it. It is exciting, but difficult and complex,” he acknowledged. Pepe Trains, general secretary of the PSOE of Granada. “We are in the middle of important political decisions for the present and future of the country”; “We are in a treacherous moment”; “Complex structural decisions must be made with courage and determination,” he reflected. Juan Espadasgeneral secretary of the Andalusian PSOE.

More clear about the moment that Spain and the PSOE face with the amnesty has been Carmen Calvo. Former first vice president of the Government – she left it by decision of Sánchez in the remodeling that he undertook in July 2021 – has described the situation this way: “We are facing an interesting crossroads. But, when have we socialists not been in all the crossroads of Spain to defend it and move it forward?” And she added: “We are facing a solution that has to have a long historical response, but we have credentials for it.”

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