Pedro Sánchez defends his "amnesty" as a way to "end the fracture"the "discord" and the "hatred" that the PP promoted in Catalonia

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Pedro Sánchez has strung together an aggressive speech of central attack on the opposition and especially on the first party in the Chamber, the PP, whose leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, he has accused of having joined “the club of Trump, Orban, Le Pen and “Abascal”.

The candidate for the Presidency of the Government has immediately provoked rejection from the bench popular for the attacks that Sánchez has launched at them from the first moment, accusing them of having launched a “reactionary agenda at the hands of Vox.”

The socialist who has assumed that tomorrow he will be sworn in as President of the Government with the support of independentists and nationalists has recognized the right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully in the streets but has warned that for the formation of a Government what counts are the votes of the deputies who respond to what the Spaniards wanted at the polls.

“In this Chamber we are going to listen to and abide by what the citizens’ representatives want and we will form a constitutional Government because there is only democracy within the Constitution; outside there is only imposition and whim,” he stated.

The candidate has insisted that it is necessary for “the country to get moving as soon as possible” to face the challenges that lie ahead and has accused the right of trying to put a stop to all the progress that his Government made in the last legislature.

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