Pedro Sánchez despises Congress by sending Óscar Puente to respond to Feijóo and avoids a debate on the amnesty

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There was absolute secrecy. It was kept as the great secret. Would Pedro Sánchez intervene in the investiture debate by Alberto Núñez Feijóo? Silence. Secrecy. “Let’s see,” was the response. The PSOE wanted to look for a coup d’état, a surprise and Pedro Sánchez avoids face to face with the leader of the PP. The reply has been given Oscar Puente, former mayor of Valladolid. With this maneuver, on the one hand, the PSOE wants to show the waste of time that, they consider, this investiture represents. But at the same time, it means that Sánchez haggles over a debate with feijóo with the amnesty as a backdrop. “The President of the Government will intervene at his time, when the time for his investiture arrives,” they point out from the socialist leader’s team.

In the last few hours, the idea would have gained strength that Sánchez would not be the one to speak out, due to the fact that in the face of an appointment that was not going to mean anything, a “fake” investiture as they call it in the PSOE, descending into the mud from The first moment wasn’t a good idea. But everything was kept secret. Same as in Sumar. “I don’t think he will give us that gift,” they say from the PP leadership a few minutes after the PSOE took the floor.

That in principle contempt and disdain towards Feijóo has a message that the PSOE wants to convey with its decision. Feijóo asks to govern because he has won the elections, he is the most voted list. Puente was the most voted list in Valladolid, but he has not been able to renew his position as mayor because a pact between the PP and Vox has brought him down. That is what Puente wanted to show, who has recited large cities where the socialists won but PP and Vox govern.

“The election of Óscar Puente as spokesperson in the reply to candidate Feijóo is a way of putting all the contradictions of the PP leader in front of the mirror. From winner to winner, as Puente has rightly said, the house of cards of the PP’s argument falls without remedy,” they explain from the leadership of the PSOE.

“Scaryyyy!” was heard in the PP bench when the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, gave the name of the deputy Óscar Puente. “Coward!”, when Feijóo disgraced Sánchez for not intervening. “I see that the PP parliamentarians have welcomed me with joy. I hope they keep it,” were his first words. “Mr. candidate for leader of the opposition,” was how he addressed the candidate for the investiture.

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