Pedro Sánchez promises before the King "save and ensure the preservation of the Constitution"

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Pedro Sánchez crossed the access door to the courtroom of the Zarzuela Palace with a smiling expression and a firm step. The re-elected President of the Government begins his third term today, Friday, November 17.

After the vote in the Congress of Deputies, the president of the Chamber, Francina Armengol, held an audience with the King, in which he informed him that the parliamentarians had placed their trust in Sánchez by 179 votes in favor. Complying with the deadlines established by the Constitution, Casa Real then summoned the President of the Government this Friday at ten in the morning.

And at that hour, punctually, a House protocol member opened the door to the hearing room. Inside, the representatives of the three powers were waiting for him. Francina Armengol, president of Congress; Pedro Rollan, president of the Senate; Pilar Llop, Minister of Justice; Vicente Guilarteof the General Council of the Judiciary, and Cándido Conde-Pumpido, president of the Constitutional Court. After placing himself in front of the tapestry of National Heritage, Felipe VI appeared. Handshake and then the Head of Protocol of the House read Royal Decree 828/2026 with the appointment of him which has been published in the State official newsletter.

Sánchez walked four steps, the ones he needed to reach the copy of the Constitution -opened by him article 99, which establishes the functioning of the Government and public institutions – arranged in the center of the room. “I promise, out of my conscience and honor, to faithfully fulfill the obligations of the position of President of the Government, with loyalty to the King, and to keep and ensure the preservation of the Constitution as a fundamental norm of the State, as well as to maintain the secrecy of the deliberations of the Council of Ministers“. Just a few seconds to confirm himself as President of the Government.

At the end, the King congratulated Sánchez, who responded with “thank you very much, sir.”

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