Pedro Sánchez recognizes the "complexity of negotiations" to be re-elected president of the Government

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Pedro Sánchez has once again cooled the expectations of being re-elected president of the Government. At least in the short term. Whether due to tactics in the negotiations or any other issue, the fact is that this Saturday he recognized at a PSOE event held in Merida “the complexity of the negotiations we have underway,” although despite everything – he warned – “I guarantee that I trust that there will be a progressive government” for the next four years. For this reason, he asked “the right and the extreme right to be calm, sensible and respectful” because, he confirmed, “we are going to work so that there is a government that makes progressive policies, that is committed to coexistence always within the framework of Constitution“. And, from a personal point of view, he repeated it twice: “I have more desire, more strength and more enthusiasm than the first day I had the honor of being elected President of the Government.”

The day after being photographed with Bildu, Pedro Sánchez appeared on the scene again. To do this, he chose a safe place, Estremadurawhere despite having lost the regional government, the acting president of the Government feels safe, especially due to the support of Guillermo Fernández Vara, one of the barons who has remained a faithful squire to him at all times during the past legislature… and of course in this one that now shines, now from Madrid as second vice president of the Senate.

Furthermore, the chosen territory was ideal to attack “the time tunnel”, according to Sánchez, who represents the PP and Vox governments, and what better scenario for this than to use Extremadura as an example, a scenario that served as a scarecrow in the last general elections, that of PP – much to the spite of María Guardiola – in coalition with Vox.

So there were no surprises in the interventions at an event that at all times seemed precisely like an electoral rally. Not a word for the shame photo with EH Bildu, but to attack Alberto Núñez Feijóo and his agreements with Santiago Abascal’s party because both “always question the great social consensuses” reached in history by the socialists, according to Sánchez, who wore a rose during the event his jacket lapel.

At all times, Sánchez claimed responsibility for the “social achievements” he has achieved during these five years that he has been in office. Moncloa achieved, as he argued, from “the social peace that others now threaten to break.” With this social dialogue, to which he attributed 16 major agreements during his mandate, the revaluation of pensions, the rise of Minimum Interprofessional Wagelabor reform and equal progress between men and women.

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