Pedro Sánchez, sworn in as president with the threat "daily" of Puigdemont and with the street against the amnesty

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179 votes in favor, 171 against and no abstentions. Pedro Sánchez has been sworn in as President of the Government with the support of the absolute majority of the deputies and three more. The seats of PSOE, Sumar, Junts, ERC, PNV, Bildu, BNG and Canary Coalition have once again opened the doors of La Moncloa with four years ahead that already seem difficult, subject to the demands of all of them and especially of the Catalan independence movement that just yesterday, wielding its essential votes, already warned him against the temptation to play with luck.

Just today, Junts spokesperson Miriam Nogueras once again stressed that the negotiation with the PSOE will have to be “daily” and that “with each agreement that is fulfilled, Catalonia will have to be closer to independence.” From Brussels, Carles Puigdemont supported his spokesperson in Congress and assured that he does it “very well.”

Sánchez, who will promise his position in Operetta this Friday at 10.00 hoursnow faces the task of forming a new Executive that is presumed shorter than the one it has had to date, more political and more trained to deploy a story built on two pillars: the radical confrontation with the opposition, which it hopes to surround with a cordon sanitaire and negotiation, for the sake of “reunion” and “coexistence”, with the secessionists.

The legislature, baptized thanks to the granting of an amnesty to those convicted and prosecuted for the Catalan sovereignty process, will be supervised by minorities that do not gather more than 6% of the votes, but who have managed to prevail by taking advantage of the socialist leader’s need to count on their seats to remain in power. And it already has an atmosphere against it in the street, with massive demonstrations against the amnesty like those that occurred throughout Spain last Sunday and that will be repeated this Saturday in the center of Madrid.

The new President of the Government, faithful to the theory that advocates “making a virtue of necessity”, has accepted all the conditions and demands posed by the independence movement and nationalism. The most onerous politically, economically and socially are those put on the table by Carles Puigdemont, the fugitive whom Sánchez one day promised to bring back to Spain in very different conditions than those he offers now with the complete erasure, without passing by the courts, of their alleged crimes.

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