Pedro Sola, host of “Ventaneando”, turned to Twitter to express his opinion on the current situation in the country.

“I wake up every morning, I watch the news and I wonder what the hell happened to our country? The economic, social and above all moral deterioration is rampant. It is a sadness that we have become.”

The tweet positioned Sola in trend on this same social network and so far has reached just over 17 thousand “likes” and almost three thousand comments, among which there is a division of opinions among those who support and understand it, and those who criticized him or simply disagreed.

Several users questioned whether the television presenter was capable of speaking on the subject, while others recommended that he dedicate himself exclusively to the medium of show. To which some fans responded, recalling Sola’s studies in economics and her professional career in this area.

Comedian Chumel Torres was also part of the debate, commenting that “It all started on July 2 …”.

It is not the first time that Pedro Sola creates controversy, although it does not tend to be for political but humorous reasons.

In recent years, the driver has gained popularity among younger generations, all this from his ability to adapt to new digital media on platforms such as Twitter (with just over 400,000 followers) and YouTube, a space in which In less than three years, it has accumulated more than 34 million views and gathered 437 thousand subscribers.



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