Pedro Suárez Vértiz assures that a young man is “his nephew” and denounces an “infamous physical attack” | SHOWS

Through his Instagram account, Pedro Suárez Vértiz expressed his opinion about the viral video called ‘Shut your mouth. The musician revealed that he knows the father and that the lacking young man is ‘his nephew’.

More information: They fined almost S /. 5,000 to a subject who attacked watchmen and was later slapped by his father

Pedro Suárez Vértiz did not hesitate to express his ‘pride’ for the attitude of the father who yelled and beat his son for facing the police and serene, indicating that ‘he saved years of education’ with the viralization of the video.

“Dear Claudio, You have no idea how proud I am of you Not only for being one of the best sound engineers in all of Latin America (said by Miguel Ríos, Charly García, Foreigner, etc.), but for your excellent role as a father with my nephew Stefano. Even though I haven’t seen him since he was born. You do not know how many years you have saved in education, and what Stefano has gained in maturity, with the viralization of the facts. God always knows what He is doing ”, wrote Pedro Suarez Vértiz.

Pedro Suárez Vértiz and his controversial message to the father who beat his son in Miraflores


At another point, the Peruvian interpreter pointed out that, mysteriously, the videos of the alleged kicking suffered by the young man during the intervention disappeared.

“I also congratulate you for not publicly denouncing the injury to your son’s knee, a product of the kicking they gave him and that strangely, the recording of it was not delivered by Serenazgo to the media, nor uploaded to social networkss. There was an infamous verbal aggression against Serenazgo, yes. But previously there was an infamous physical assault on your son. The kick does not justify what the boy yelled or vice versa. Good morning friends and happy Monday to everyone !!! ”, wrote the musician.

Miraflores: reprimands son for violating curfew
Miraflores: reprimands son for violating curfew


THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN. A video has begun to circulate on social media of the father of the family who yelled and slapped his young son for violating the curfew. This time, the man comes out in defense of his son and his girlfriend and attacks the municipal authorities of Miraflores.

A young man was intervened by serene after he was caught drinking liquor on the public highway despite the state of emergency. The boy became lacking with the authorities and requested the presence of his father, as he said he is a lawyer.

However, the immediate reaction of the lord was not to support his son, but rather to He questioned him for violating the curfew and when he saw that he kept talking and yelling at the watchmen, he slapped him.

But another video has come to light. Minutes after attacking his son, the man questions the work of the municipalities and assures them that they are setting up a circus, despite the fact that the watchman tells him that his son has attacked him.

Boss, I put it this way, okay? It is the first time in our lives that one of these things happens, what you are doing here, I am honest, it is a circus that does not respond. Boss, with all the right in the world, I arrive and I have seen him peck a person ”, he says furiously.



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