Pedro Vaca, promoter of censorship and stigmatization against Uribe opinion leaders, arrives at the IACHR in Washington

The director of the Foundation for Freedom of the Press FLIP was selected for the position of Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression at the International Commission on Human Rights IACHR in Washington. Vaca began his career as a lawyer at the José Albear Restrepo Collective and went to FLIP where he exercised a selective defense of press freedom in Colombia.

He worked in that foundation hand in hand with Ignacio Gómez from Noticias UNO and Juanita León, director of La Silla Vacía and was one of the promoters of the outlining of ‘La Liga Contra el Silencio’ against Uribe activists in an attempt to censor and stigmatize resources of cooperation of the Embassy of Holland in Colombia.

The researcher @CaroliCek reported threats to the Prosecutor’s Office after requesting information from FLIP and Pedro Vaca about the financing of FLIP and his participation in the attempt to censor a group of opinion leaders, journalists and influencers related to former President Álvaro Uribe.

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