Peissant: a nature reserve largely damaged by a farmer

La roselière de Peissant is a 2.5 hectare site in the middle of the fields. Communal property, it was entrusted to the management of Natagora. A renewed management last year until 2030. The place, nature reserve, is known to shelter quantities of birds, particularly in this period of the beginning of nesting. “The vegetation is very tall and very dense, explains Robert Baise, curator of the nature reserve for Natagora. The birds that come to nest there are thus protected from aerial predators, such as the buzzard. Terrestrial predators, such as the fox, also have a harder time sneaking through tightly packed reed stems.”. During the hunting season, the reedbed is also a refuge for larger fauna. “Here, look, the reeds are crushed on a good square. Maybe a deer or a deer have hidden themselves here…”.

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