Pekarová Adamová: When Pirates act in violation of the law, we cannot remain silent. But we do not take them as enemies

The political marketing of the YES movement has been at a high level for a long time. Prime Minister Babiš is surrounded by very capable people. But will that be enough? Andrej Babiš repeatedly lies about me. He should read the whole conversation about illegal migration in its entirety, but as prime minister he would have to be able to do it with a computer, which, in his own words, is not possible. All that’s left is teletext, but it’s blocked by his favorite president. “ was recently written on Twitter by Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

The silence of the lambs and desire is a miracle

Did the chairwoman of TOP 09 hit the nail on the head? There are lies, half-truths and false accusations the main domain of the YES movement campaign? In any case, it still works for some of the Czech population.

After all, in The Silence of the Lambs, Dr. Lecter explains that desire is born when we see something over and over again. Desire is a miracle. And the prime minister knows well how to awaken the desire in people. Call it Goebbels propaganda with elements of Hannibal? Maybe too much. Anyway, rough, ruthless, manipulative. But great pedaling.

Each predator encounters its hunter

The TOTAL coalition is trying to counter this, for example, through a contact campaign. Political points probably bear this, the latest survey by Kantar suggests that the forces were almost equal (You can find more about this survey and surveys in general here).

Each predator encounters its hunter once. Then why Grandma’s killer Couldn’t Fiala be a decent and insignificant “professor”?

An element of femininity on the TOPka side

TOP 09 is the smallest party in the TOTAL group. However, thanks to its chairwoman, it brings an element of femininity. Even this can be an imaginary tongue on the scales in the final accounting. After all, who does Andrej Babiš offer? Mrs. Schiller? Dostálova? Benešová?

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With all due respect, Markéta Pekarová Adamová will win on the whole line here. So how do you see the chances in the elections that will take place on October 8 and 9?

As part of the campaign, you go with Mr. Fiala and Mr. Jurečka directly to the door of individual citizens. Do you have them pre-selected to avoid “inconveniences”?
For the door-to-door campaign, we have deliberately chosen locations where the vast majority of Democratic party voters live. However, as part of the nationwide program, we travel to all corners of the country. The fact that there is a verbal confrontation from time to time is part of the campaign. On the other hand, although not everyone may cheer for us, no one was aggressive towards us at all. As Prime Minister Babiš, we do not have to hide in confectioneries to protect ourselves from people.

Comments have appeared on social networks that you look a bit like door-to-door salespeople. Don’t you feel that way?
No. The best feedback for your political work is direct contact with people. People are surprised when someone they only know from TV rings, but they are pleasantly surprised and appreciate that we are not lazy and we are willing to come after them.

Markéta Pekarová Adamová

– since 2013 Member of Parliament for TOP 09

– from 2019 chairwoman TOP 09

– title engineers obtained at the Czech Technical University

– dedicated to volunteering activities (worked in orphanages in Armenia or Morocco, with disabled people in Serbia, etc.)

– co-organized camps in the Czech Republic for kids from a socially disadvantaged environment

She’s married for the Slovak IT specialist Tomáš Pekar

How do you perceive the polls, are they trustworthy for you?
I consider the agencies that are part of the Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Agencies to be credible. However, from time to time a survey appears which is in direct conflict with the trends measured so far. Therefore, I would not form a picture based on the results of one survey, but think more comprehensively. The data we have from a trustworthy agency, TOTAL, are a good precondition for a great election result. In surveys, it is much more crucial to monitor the trend of individual parties and movements, which is now the main result of the growth of the YES movement, the TOTAL coalition and, conversely, the decline of Pirates and STAN. It turns out that the only one who has a chance to defeat the YES movement is our coalition.

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In one of the recent surveys, YES had a relatively large lead, doesn’t that scare you?
I say so much that the relatively large lead of the YES movement appeared in a single survey. In other polls, the lead is only a few percent and our coalition TOGETHER is the only one that can beat YES. But it is necessary that people do not cough up the elections and come.

The TOTAL coalition is divided against the other coalition in some cases, ie Pirates and STAN, is that right? Wasn’t the proclaimed goal not to allow Andrei Babiš’s government?
Nothing changes on our main goal. I see it at every election meeting with the citizens, when they tell us to rid Babiš of this country. Pirates and STAN are not our enemies, but electoral rivals. At the STAN Assembly, I made it clear that they are a natural partner for us. It is clear that we are closer ideologically and historically to the STAN movement, but I believe that we can find a common agreement with the Pirates as well. But when the Pirates at the Prague City Hall, for example, the IT acts in violation of the law, we cannot remain silent. We measure everyone with the same meter.

If it were proven (and we speak really purely theoretically) that the ODS is secretly negotiating a possible government with YES, what would that mean for TOPka?
Let’s not speak theoretically in other things, but openly and in fact. No such action has taken place and has not taken place. We have a valid coalition agreement, in which we have clearly promised that TOGETHER we will be in government or in opposition. After a year of joint operation of TOP 09, ODS and KDU-ČSL, nothing has changed about this promise at all.

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With whom would you definitely not want to join a coalition after the election, in which cases would TOP 09 clearly oppose it and why?
I reject any cooperation with parties that are openly populist and extremist. In the first case this applies to YES, in the second case to the SPD and the Communists. I can imagine working with democratic parties that respect the constitution and the rights of individuals and see our perspective in the EU and NATO.

“During the election campaign unfortunately I rode much less on my bikethan I would normally like. However, this summer and autumn, our main challenge is to make a difference, which they can trust. I believe that if it succeeds, I will find some time for sports. “

Which political style is closer to you, Mr. Kalousek, or Mr. Schwarzenbergra?
When I entered TOP 09, I was motivated by the fact that I wanted to live in a modern, western country that refused to go bankrupt on the Greek side. Nothing has changed at all. And since they were both founded by a party based on responsibility and tradition, I just don’t want to choose between them. Both founding fathers I appreciate it.

What decisions do you consider crucial in their political careers or for the Czech Republic?
If I have to name one fundamental thing, then it was the establishment of TOP 09. We did not have a right-wing, non-populist party based on our traditions and opposed to indebtedness and wasting public money.

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