Pelangi Maluku Foundation Institute to Handle 20 HIV Cases in 2023 – The Pelangi Maluku Foundation admitted that from January to February 2023, it had handled 20 cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) / AIDS in Ambon City.

“In our institution, we have our own clinic specifically for handling HIV problems, and the data at the clinic, from January to February this year, we found approximately 20 new HIV cases,” said the Pelangi Maluku Foundation program staff, Alfin Siahaya in Ambon. , Thursday.

Meanwhile, during 2022, the Pelangi Foundation has found approximately 53 HIV cases of people infected with HIV. “That’s a new case for 2022 that we will handle. Indeed, if between men and women, men are still taller than women,” he said.

According to him, the increase in HIV continues to occur and is increasing because of the incessant blood test examination in the community, so that it is known that the person has HIV.

“To know that someone has contracted HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases, they have to go through a blood test. So the more intensively we carry out tests from both the at-risk community and the general public, the more cases we encounter,” said Alfin.

Alfin said, the more cases of HIV infection found in the community, the better it would be to intervene by providing treatment. So that it will be easier to reduce the number of infected.

“So if someone asks why socialization continues, but the number of cases continues to rise, there should be less. Precisely that’s good. Why do I say good, because that way we can intervene more easily,” he said.

He hopes that education related to sex and handling HIV will continue to be carried out, to the community and children in schools. This is to prevent HIV transmission from an early age.

“So that they understand that it can be sustainable, in the end they can prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections from an early age,” said Alfin.(Ant)

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