Pele prepares to leave Albert Einstein

Sao Paulo (Reuters)

Pele’s daughter said the Brazilian soccer legend will leave intensive care in hospital after a day or two, as he continues to recover from surgery.

The 80-year-old, a three-time World Cup winner, has been hospitalized at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo since undergoing surgery to remove a colon polyp this month.

Pele’s daughter, Kelly Nascimento, wrote on Instagram: He is recovering well after the surgery, he is not in pain and he is in good shape, he will move to a normal room after one or two days and then return home.

He is strong and persistent, and he will make it through with the support and care of the wonderful team at Einstein, and all the love and energy sent to him from the world.

And the hospital announced last Friday that Pele is recovering well.

Pele has suffered from upper leg problems in recent years and has not been able to walk without assistance, has not been seen much in public since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has left his home near Santos a few times.


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