News Pelosi Says Representatives Will Stay in Congress Until Agreement...

Pelosi Says Representatives Will Stay in Congress Until Agreement on Aid Package | Univision Salud News

A group of Republican and Democratic representatives presented a $ 1.5 trillion economic stimulus plan (1.5 trillion in English), in a last attempt to unblock the barrier between its leaders. And which, however, is unlikely to prosper.

It was the bipartisan group known as Problem Solvers Caucus (or the group of problem solvers) who presented their proposal for a federal aid package that includes more money for small businesses, unemployment benefits and the sending of a second check to households.

At the federal unemployment benefit point, the group planned to provide $ 450 a week for eight weeks and then deliver up to $ 600 a week from mid-October through January 2021 (not to exceed the person’s lost salary).

For small businessmen, he proposes giving another $ 95 billion under the Payroll Protection Payment (PPP). Also seek to allocate $ 145,000 million to schools and child care centers and about $ 500,000 to states and local governments.

According to a report by The New York Times, the members of the group recognize that their initiative has little chance of prospering as it is, especially in a Senate where there has been a strong reluctance of the Republicans to approve a huge aid plan that increases the budget deficit.

However, the representatives believe that with their move they can send a signal to party leaders to act before the November 3 presidential election draws closer.

The latest attempt made in the Senate, the Republican plan for about $ 300 billion, failed last week and did not even advance to debate and a final vote in that chamber.

Democrats blocked it, deeming it insufficient and far removed from the plan for at least $ 2 billion that they said they could support in the Senate.


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